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Mega 03-26-2013 03:00 AM

Square Enix's Yoichi Wada Is Stepping Down
Square Enix's Yoichi Wada Is Stepping Down


Today, it was announced that Square Enix president Yoichi Wada is stepping down. He will no longer be serving as Square Enix's Representative Director. Yousuke Matsuda, who joined Square in 2001, will take over Wada's role in running the company.

The reason given for Wada's demotion was "a management reorganization". According to Japanese website 4Gamer, no word on what's next for Wada. This comes as Square Enix is forecasting an "extraordinary loss" in its next financial statement.

スクウェア・エニックスの和田洋一氏が代表取締役社長を退任 [4Gamer]

Griever 03-28-2013 07:48 PM


I'm so excited.

Except for the fact that they replaced Wada with another corporate no-name Japanese businessman, who seems to be Wada 2.0. If SE drives itself into bankruptcy, they deserve it.

Only time will tell how Matsuda runs SE, but all evidence so far points to "mediocre/same as Wada."

Henreh 03-28-2013 11:07 PM

Wada- Matsuda you will continue to milk FFVII and XIII for me!

one can dream can't he?

Mega 04-03-2013 10:50 AM

New Square Enix president outlines plans for the future - News - Kingdom Hearts Insider


Yosuke Matsuda, the newly announced president of Square Enix who will be replacing Yoichi Wada in a few months time recently outlined his plans for the future of the company, hoping to "cast all of [Square Enix's] resources" towards extending what makes it successful along with "thoroughly squeezing out what doesn’t."

People have speculated about Matsuda's leadership in the company, hoping the future would look brighter under his command. Under Wada's leadership, the company announced a net income loss of 13 billion yen, followed by his resignation.

Matsuda's plans are outlined in the most recent Square Enix Holdings briefing session, in which he states that he plans on reviewing all Square Enix duties, business and assets on a zero-based budgeting standpoint.

"Due to the radical change of environment, I’d like to fundamentally review what works and what doesn’t work for our company, then cast all of our resources towards extending what makes us successful and thoroughly squeezing out what doesn’t."

This coincides with recent layoffs at Square Enix North America, confirmed to have taken place last week. As of yet, they seem to be the only division affected so far. Meanwhile, Phil Rogers CEO of Square Enix Europe will be made the new CEO of Square Enix Holdings.
"As far as a concrete plan on what to expect from us, I will further explain it on another briefing session in the near future, so I kindly ask for your patience. Thank you for your support."

What this means for the upcoming projects and games at Square Enix will remain unclear at least until Matsuda formally takes over the position of president in June of this year. The KINGDOM HEARTS series as a whole will undoubtedly be a part of Matsuda's reviewing process, especially with the debate which it has recieved as of late. Series director, Tetsuya Nomura's emphasis on expanding the series to various hand-held systems, instead of sticking strictly with TV consoles might thus very well be reconsidered by said reviewing process.

Your thoughts on this? Were the layoffs are necessary? Do you believe there are changes to be expected for the future of the KINGDOM HEARTS series?

Mega 05-25-2013 03:53 AM

Square Enix of North America president leaves - News - Kingdom Hearts Insider


An air of change is taking place in Square Enix, it seems. A couple of months after Yoichi Wada, departing president of Square Enix announced his resignation in March, it has come to our attention that Mike Fischer, president and CEO of the North American branch of Square Enix has also recently resigned, in order to become vice president of digital Music and Video for Amazon in Japan.

Fischer's resignation takes place after rumors surrounding the company's North American branch aiming to reduce their emphasis on mobile games. After joining Square Enix back in 2010, Fischer reportedly planned to shift away from development of large and big budgeted titles, instead aiming to make smaller and less costly titles, along with supporting all the independant studios that the company was publishing for. Fischer apparently wanted to do this because of the “incredible pipeline of product” coming from the Japanese and European divisions of the company, so there would be no need for the American division to make more titles akin to Dungeon Siege 3.

According to Polygon, Fischer declined to discuss the details of his departure, although he did note that he left the company on “good terms”.

What this means for the future of franchises such as KINGDOM HEARTS or FINAL FANTASY is as of yet uncertain, but a little speculation never hurt anyone. What sort of change do you see for the future of Square Enix North America? Do you think it will it impact our beloved KINGDOM HEARTS series in a positive or negative way?

Source: Polygon

SOC 05-25-2013 05:48 PM

I think I quit caring about Square when they started calling themselves Square-Enix. SE's made a few good games, but they haven't been the same since the Soft days.

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