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Kudaranai 11-13-2009 12:49 AM

Rainbow - Gossip Girl

DSP girl group. Reminds me of Kara's debut days. I can't differentiate them yet, lool.

Tea 11-13-2009 01:32 AM

Another SNSD group lulz... cept snsd's english is better unfortunately.. i heard they were named rainbow by a fan suggestion... each girl symbolizes a color related to their personality.

Its okay i guess.. they try to act cutesy n sexy at the same time... at least its not like IU's marshmellow MV.. x___x;;

Yume 11-13-2009 06:56 AM

I watched part of IU's marshmallow MV, and I don't think there's any marshmallows... I saw a cake though.

The way they say 'gossip' is cute. I listened to some of the other songs in their albums and they have a nice variety in style, though... I think three of them look the same (maybe it was the pictures that I was looking at). I think it was the three long haired girls..

STORMYskye 11-15-2009 09:54 PM

I like the song. Very catchy and fun to listen to! :)
But the video, it was alright.

Role 11-16-2009 01:03 PM

I really like them. Only part I really didn't like about Gossip Girl is the beginning and "Goship Girl".

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