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06-10-2011   #1 (permalink)
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Default Dear Princess Celestia...

Today I learned that I am a beefy manly man, as stated in previous entries, but I feel like a sad little girl ( yes, I feel like a little girl sometimes D: ) because

I have nothing to watch therefore nothing else to live for because Glee is over, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic season 1 is over (bronies forever), and I am a sad, sad person. I don't know where to watch Soul Eater, although I have watched it before but I don't remember where. NO MEGAVIDEO/MEGAUPLOAD D: I don't like it when it says "oh you're not giving me money so I'll turn this show off now" and the quality kinda sucks.

I need a movie to watch or a series to finish, because I'm slowly losing my mind. Like in Black Swan, to the point where I think I stab my brother and stuff him into a bathroom, but actually stab myself [DUN, DUN!] So, does anybody have any suggestions?

Rule 1: No super kawaii desu-desu rainbow excellence.
Rule 2: Not much cussing if it's on the internet, got a parrot of a little sister.
Rule 3: No psychological horror, please, I still can't sleep without a nightlight due to Slenderman and co., even after watching Splendorman

Please, I'm so desperate D;
I'm really dumb >:U
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06-13-2011   #2 (permalink)
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Animeratio if you want English dubs.
Animeseason if you want subs.

Both have Soul Eater last time I checked.

I usually just pick something on one of those two at random and go with it unless it completely bores me after the first episode, like King Gainer. Never been so bored by mechs before.

Ofcourse if you want a proper TV series(considering this is in that section after all), first season of House is always good. There is also Stargate Universe, which was far better than Atlantis ever was.



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