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05-27-2012   #61 (permalink)
ggFTW Moogler
Kisa's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: Australia
Posts: 180
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Kisa will become famous soon enoughKisa will become famous soon enough
IGN: Kisabelle
Class: Witch to_soulmaster
Level: 400
Guild: Blades of Fate

Aww, ty Jesse. The little girl is my daughter (She's the real Kisa, but shhh XD).
She is much cuter than me ^^
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05-28-2012   #62 (permalink)
ggFTW Stalker
Trickster Online
Join Date: Feb 2012
Location: Behind You
Posts: 398
iTrader: (6)
SStardust is a glorious beacon of lightSStardust is a glorious beacon of lightSStardust is a glorious beacon of lightSStardust is a glorious beacon of lightSStardust is a glorious beacon of light
IGN: Starlightzero
Class: Gladiator lt_warlord
Level: 2xx
Guild: MoonlightC

@Kisa cute
Forgot to introduce myself XD
Name: Starlightzero or Andy
Country: New Zealand
Age: 12... well, maybe a bit past 12 anyway
Likes: Friends, TO (hehe), and just some other things
And I guess thats all c:
06-17-2012   #63 (permalink)
ggFTW Lurker
Frieya's Avatar
Awards Facebook Fan
Join Date: Jul 2011
Location: under your bed
Posts: 23
iTrader: (1)
Frieya is on a distinguished road
Send a message via Skype™ to Frieya
IGN: Frieya/AmericaKun
Class: all to_primadonna
Level: 2xx/1xx
Guild: The Macs/Templar Knights/MoonlightC
Xfire: azumisakura

my in-game names: Frieya (bad spelling of Freya from Chobits), LunarFayth (Fayth of the moon? FFX inspired), MoonlightAura (idk how i got this name...), CanadaKun, HungaryChan, GermanyKun, SwedenKun, IcelandKun, VietnamChan, ItalyVeneziano, AustriaKun, EnglandKun, WyChan, MonacoChan, and RomaniaKun (ze countries- I LOVE HETALIA!)- if you're wondering why i have so many characters, my goal is to get all jobs (Jewelia only) (yes, yes, i know, hybrids are ze same or something like that).
in Fantasia: AmericaKun, Prussia (OMG HOW AWESOME IS ZAT THAT NO ONE PICKED IT XD), and Hetalian (yeah...all these names= Hetalia.........and i'm rarely on in this server (le duh))

mein name is Kafhoua (yes, it's hard to pronouce...but call me Sky (cause that's what it means) or Yang (yeah my last name..), i'm 22 yrs old, and i'm 100% Hmong (google it dudes/dudettes). and i only know a little German, but i'm still learning (i can read a bit of it..) and many other languages. o3o at times i can be a bit hyper but most of the time i'm really shy and nervous.... @_@

i love playing video games especially first-person shooters like Counter-Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2, Halo, Call of Duty, etc. since FPS is my favorite genre and i'm a pc gamer... o3o since my computer is crap now, i mostly play Trickster (le duh). i love to draw but most of the time, i'm just too lazy to draw... XD (i'm pretty lazy on Trickster too...)

my favorite food: curry noodles, pho, anything that's Azn *shot*, any seafood, or anything that looks yummy enough (minus the insects, etc... organs i can handle >:3)

my favorite Anime: Bleach, Sailor Moon, Fairy Tail, Axis Powers/World Series Hetalia (as you can tell by most of my in-game names that are named after countries), Pokemon, Digimon, and many more....... o3o
~Proud to be Hetalian~ ( = = )૭
|Gaia Online|Azn Town|YouTube|DeviantART|Steam|Xfire|Facebook|Raptr|

LunarFayth, MoonlightAura, ItalyVeneziano, Hetalian, and the Countries (that ends with "Kun" or "Chan") are me. C:

Last edited by Frieya; 06-17-2012 at 11:59 PM.
06-29-2012   #64 (permalink)
ggFTW Moogler
Ellerd's Avatar
Join Date: May 2012
Location: Behind u
Posts: 185
iTrader: (3)
Ellerd will become famous soon enough

Country: Macedonia
Likes: Trickster online.

07-09-2012   #65 (permalink)
ggFTW Regular
BriannaPuss's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2011
Location: Jupiter
Posts: 57
iTrader: (2)
BriannaPuss is a name known to allBriannaPuss is a name known to allBriannaPuss is a name known to allBriannaPuss is a name known to allBriannaPuss is a name known to allBriannaPuss is a name known to all
IGN: BriannaPuss
Class: *****Cat to_model
Level: 397
Guild: MoonlightC
Default Hey Guild!

I think I've been in this guild long enough to properly introduce myself. XD
Sorry it took so long
I'm stealing Jesse/Shugo's format... shhh. XD

My name is Brianna, ign is BriannaPuss b/c my name is Brianna, my last name starts with P and i'm a *****cat!
My first character was a bunny named BriannaBunny, go figure ;D
But I barely play on her cause she's a low level.

I am a female from America, Philadelphia area... I have roots from differing places, I am: Irish, Dutch, Czech & African to name a few. ;p

My birthday is March 16, 1990
so i'm 22 ;D

Location is Pennsylvannia, school & trickster online. I'm going to school for chemical engineering and have completed 4 years.

Hobbies: School & studying, Gaming, Trickster, MUSIC, driving, dancing, being outside, & smiling for no reason

Favorite Foods: Potato products, Tofu, & SOUP

Favorite Movies: Howl's Moving Castle, The Goonies, Machine Gun Preacher

Favorite Animes: Howl's Moving Castle, Summer Wars, Inuyasha, Hetalia, Full Metal Alchemist the brotherhood, AVATAR (Airbender & Korra), Eden of the East, Cowboy Bebop, Yu Yu Hakusho...

Favorite Games: Sooo many. a few are: Dance Dance Revolution (i will pwn u), MARIO!!, ZELDA OOT, Legend of Dragoon, Gears of War, Tomba!, Legend of Mana, Okami, probably forgetting a BUNCH... & obviously I TRICKSTER

cya in game

Last edited by BriannaPuss; 07-09-2012 at 06:53 PM.
07-14-2012   #66 (permalink)
ggFTW Addict
iHyunAh's Avatar
Trickster OnlineMapleStoryAuditionRunescape
Join Date: Jul 2012
Location: Singapore
Posts: 294
iTrader: (8)
iHyunAh has a spectacular aura aboutiHyunAh has a spectacular aura aboutiHyunAh has a spectacular aura about
IGN: HyunAh
Class: Kitty to_entertainer
Level: 252

Awesome, seeing everyone's so friendly around here.
Anyway, I have just been accepted into this guild. Seemed a pretty awesome, and "boss"-hunting guild.

Like you guys known, I started way back during beta period.
Had another kitty previously, but was ditched, didn't like the items inside as much as I like on my other character, HyunAh (my current active one)
My previous account is only a main chatting account for me and my old-friends who log on once in a while now.

I am working irl, 22 this year :3
Gonna switched job soon, so that I can have more time for TO and real life friends.
Been too committed at work for the past 2 years, hence making a comeback from my long hiatus.

I don't really play a lot of games, but mainly I play is either for the fashion, or just to chat in game to get away from the stress/workload I'm facing in real life. (Pretty sad ain't it?)

I'm a huge reader, I can read Chinese and English books, be it classics, or those olden literatures. Oh, I forgotten to add something important. I live in Singapore at the moment, and you guys can call my Haz, Hazel.

Hope to know you guys more!
(Btw: Off-note: I can't always be online, either connection issues, or work issues. If I am online on weekdays, I'm usually AfK. So need me, write me a mail. Or if needed me urgently, you guys can contact Kumomo/ToraTora@ggftw ingame to reach me in real life. She has my contact I've given my contact to Samantha/Sakura as well, so ya. I'm always around, not to worry :3)

Looking for certain pets?
Try checking out
07-19-2012   #67 (permalink)
ggFTW Fan
Kiraii's Avatar
Trickster OnlineLuna OnlineMapleStoryLa Tale
Join Date: Jul 2009
Posts: 135
iTrader: (14)
Kiraii has much to be proud ofKiraii has much to be proud ofKiraii has much to be proud ofKiraii has much to be proud ofKiraii has much to be proud ofKiraii has much to be proud ofKiraii has much to be proud ofKiraii has much to be proud ofKiraii has much to be proud ofKiraii has much to be proud of
Send a message via MSN to Kiraii Send a message via Skype™ to Kiraii
Class: Retired

Kinda late but.. hello Hyun Ah, welcome to MidnightZ MoonlightC!

DeviantART | Tumblr | Journal | Twitter | Trickster art thread
/quite inactive but still alive/
09-02-2012   #68 (permalink)
ggFTW Lurker
Join Date: Sep 2012
Posts: 0
iTrader: (0)
Rionele is on a distinguished road

Hi I'm Felandrix C:
My Age is 15 [LIES]
Lives in: Potato Lands [DOUBLE LIES]
I joined because it's been a while since I played and also, I have no guild [And friends] because they're all inactive. Please forgive me if I only go online at the weekends. I'll try to be very active! Here are a few things about me:

In-game info
IGN: Felandrix
Job: Dark Water and Wind Wizard
Level: 132 [Can't update so...]
Other Characters: Rionele [Lv 132 HV Gambler] and Dekanor [Lv 131 AP Galdiator] [I use my dragon most of the time now though]

Likes: Sugar [I have no where else to go without this], Grapes, Oranges, Books, YouTube [Check out communitychannel]
Other games I play: The Sims 3 [Showtime], Granado Espada [Please try this game!], World of Warcraft [Rarely active nowadays], Skyrim [Soon!], and of course Trickster Online [My first MMO ;w;].
Dislikes: Everything Scary. [I'm a coward D:], SPIDAS, and Annoying People.
I'm sorry if you find me a bit different, weird, undesirable. Maybe its because I'm a [Insert Perfectionist/Creepy/Exciteable trait here]
I just joined MoonlightC a few weeks ago (Yes, I'm a bit late) and I really find the guild nice! Have some friendly people around. The only problem is that I can't see much people as I live in Asia, which causes time differences, and when there's time differences, you can't really see people but I'm cool with it.
12-18-2012   #69 (permalink)
ggFTW Lurker
Jimmy's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2010
Location: South Carolina
Posts: 13
iTrader: (0)
Jimmy will become famous soon enough
Class: Dark Lord
Guild: Looking for one

Hey everyone my name is Jimmy

Soo... where to start.. lol.
I've played TO since beta but quit around 2009 because I got banned for account sharing... RIP (MrSushi-2) AT that time I was the highest lvl dark lord.

So now I'm back, excited and ready to play again. I joined this guild because I met some of the members in-game and they seemed pretty awesome so I'm excited to get to know everyone and get back into my TO days again.

A little more about myself:

Ethnicity: Vietnamese/French

Location: South Carolina, Originally from Hawaii.

Birthday: 10/21/1990

What Am i Doing with my life: Currently attending the University of South Carolina for my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering (almost DONE!!). After that I'm hopefully planning to go to dental school. I've been quite busy with that so I haven't had much time for any types of MMORPG's and usually stuck to my xbox for entertainment.

Hobbies: Cars, driving, studying, gaming, music, mary j, basketball, bowling, drinking of course.

Reason why I came back: I love TO since it first came out in beta and when I was 16 years old lol there's no other MMORPG i'd rather play honestly.

Yeah so that's it, I'm a nice guy, friendly and chill. Hit me up in game.
12-28-2012   #70 (permalink)
ggFTW Regular
lask1483's Avatar
Awards Facebook Fan
Join Date: Apr 2012
Posts: 79
iTrader: (5)
lask1483 has a spectacular aura aboutlask1483 has a spectacular aura about
IGN: lasky04/Bunsbuns
Class: Priest/Duelist
Level: 359/290
Guild: ~CRISIS^/MoonlightC

Hello WORLD.

I'm Allan 29 yrs old,, errrr. im old now, getting 30 this coming January 04.. OMG~.... I started playing TO since i was 23, i quit for 2 years cuz my tenter set before got scammed, ~.~, i trust him cuz he gave me MS before for FREE and i thought he is a good friend. and back last december and now im very very active. i love TO so much. well i hope many players will play. im just an ordinary guy wants a happy life. lol, by the way im from Manila, PHILIPPINES.. Mabuhay!



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