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Conversation Between Zelkyri and michelle432
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  1. michelle432
    12-21-2010 - permalink
    Zel how have u been ^^. OMG its been such a long time since we chatted
  2. michelle432
    08-02-2010 - permalink
    yay dark story. i got it yesterday and it seems fun except.... I HATE it how u cannot see all ur characters stats on the same freaking screen as persona 4 x_x sooo annoying and u dont know wt stats increased when they lvled up also x_x well i know im becoming a history teacher and i can make ur kids fail history ha
  3. Zelkyri
    07-30-2010 - permalink
    You can't control your companions' moves like in P4. The story in P3 isn't so bad...just lot darker. I'm a major in accounting. I can screw up your tax returns so yayyy.
  4. michelle432
    07-29-2010 - permalink
    oh nice ^^ whats ur major going to be? oh ya i finish beating persona 4 and i got the true ending also im thinking about getting persona 3, but i heard that u cannot take control of ur characters moves so thats a major turn off. should i get it?
  5. Zelkyri
    07-24-2010 - permalink
    I'm in a city college so I don't owe anything in student loans. But for my grad school, I'm probably going to a private one. So atm I don't know exactly what I will owe.
  6. michelle432
    07-24-2010 - permalink
    zel, how much money do u owe in student loans? and wts ur college tuition rate per semester?
  7. Zelkyri
    07-22-2010 - permalink
    I've beaten I'm just getting the achievements. I have one last one before getting the platinum one and it's the one where I have to collect all the weapons and accessories.
  8. michelle432
    07-21-2010 - permalink
    interesting =D how far r u up to in final fantasy 13?
  9. Zelkyri
    07-20-2010 - permalink
    Ookami Izunagi can't learn anything from the personas you fuse him with. Basically the skills he have and the ones he will learn are the only ones he'll ever have.
  10. michelle432
    07-20-2010 - permalink
    oh that ultimate persona. ya i plan on getting him on my 2nd playthrough. DUDE u got final fantasy 13. Im on chapter 11 where u arrive on gran pulse. I just finished getting alexander for hope ^^ but the amount of points u need in the crystarium system is getting way to outrageously high <_<
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