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Conversation Between YukitchiSan and DemiGodDanzig
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  1. YukitchiSan
    05-23-2009 - permalink

    may you have an entire emo-day for your bday..

    *stalks you to Texas* Q_Q
  2. DemiGodDanzig
    04-27-2009 - permalink
    i are gooooood yuki
    how bout you :3
  3. YukitchiSan
    04-27-2009 - permalink
    how are juu darusman ;o??
  4. DemiGodDanzig
    02-22-2009 - permalink
    yah,i havent heard from blue in seriously forever /=
  5. YukitchiSan
    02-21-2009 - permalink
    hmm huh =[...


    likewhat blue did xD.. hahah blue is gone ;~:
  6. DemiGodDanzig
    02-21-2009 - permalink
    aww,dont be emo yuki,thats my job D:
    but yah,i see what you mean,thats why i quit long ago,
    its just not the same
    right now im abit too busy for games and such,so i think im done with MMO's,and maybe even MOG
    its just im too busy now,it sucks
    i hope you do find a good game to play though
  7. YukitchiSan
    02-20-2009 - permalink
    yeah,,,i wonder how it got hacked..and why my account...???as far as i know, nobody knows my account =[.... ;~;....sigh----

    meh meh meh???


    nothing sick of my daily routine.. home -->school--> home.. no time to go out and hangout with friends becoz my friends are busy and so as i am...

    my only recreation is the internet and too bad, everyone seems busy too.. i miss debaters ;~;... i quitted TO because its no longer the same...

    its sad that whenever i log on, too many new faces =[ whom i dont know and guild chat is always empty @__@.. im alone like an emo Q_Q... and no point coming back ;~;...been trying to look for a good game that will suit my taste..yah know what i mean?? but it seems that all new games are just so so so so noobs =\.... zzzzzzzzzz


    it sucks to be living on the other side of the world, coz whenever asleep, everyone is wide awake and whenever your awake everyone is falling asleep...

    emo yukee is emoo Q_Q
  8. DemiGodDanzig
    02-20-2009 - permalink
    aww,i saw that,that sucks :<
    im doing great actually ^^
    how bout you?
  9. YukitchiSan
    02-20-2009 - permalink

    *hops on jur emo head then bites =)

    thanks for the greetings in FB.. i r sorry.. i wasnt able to thank you properly coz my FB got hacked DX.. sowwiee ;~;...

    anyweiz how are juu =)??

    doin good?? O=??
  10. DemiGodDanzig
    02-10-2009 - permalink
    get on msn more then ;-;
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