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  1. Suvi
    02-15-2009 - permalink
    Internet = full of entertainment.

    Heck the internet itself is pretty much entertainment.

    Don't lose hope!

    Maybe this will make you laugh...

    These are both from my guild and they're representing most of the guild members. I'm not surprised that I'm not in there, but it's still saddening. Both of them too. XD

    Here's what I drew in response. I didn't really post it and I don't really want to.

    I don't have a scanner so I drew it on paint. lol
  2. Suvi
    02-15-2009 - permalink
    Meh, I was already expecting a no XD

    What'd you do with your entertainment? ;~;

    Do not flush entertainment down the toilet/drain/sewage/shoebox/other
  3. Suvi
    02-14-2009 - permalink
    Meh... One week = lv 160 anyways in current Trickster times...

    Easy to catch up so DO EET D:

    What are you doing for entertainment now?

    Sex riiiiite?

    ....ahaha .-.
  4. Suvi
    02-14-2009 - permalink
    That's some serious drama ._.;

    Next, share an account with me so I can go emo rage on you too. XD

    But really, that sucks ;~; what did you have? A lion?
  5. Suvi
    02-13-2009 - permalink
    lol, what'd you do to it? Did it get banned? ;~;
  6. Suvi
    02-13-2009 - permalink
    lol, that's just based on what people say. They do nothing to look at the positives of change. Just the negatives. I see it as a new training spot for non-magic characters. If you're sick of Tech4, the new revolutionized Snow Hill is awesome for training.

    But the 300+ levels have to wait for Tapasco to get revolutionized.

    btw, lv 53 = 1 day of training if brand new. XD
  7. Suvi
    02-13-2009 - permalink
    lol, not going to drill for 50 quest items as we -JUST- had a drilling event... But yeah, I phailed at Shadow pop @ 1200 boxes since I started REAAAALLY late into the event.

    Oh well, Free 10k + Queen Odi box ftw.

    Now working on secret mule characters. Also training 2 characters to 35 for those equips.

    After that it's back to my journey to 400 ;-;

    Come baaaaaack~! ;~;
  8. Suvi
    02-13-2009 - permalink
    lol, that's also true. You don't really use much of what is learned in high school. It's what you want to do in the future and what you learn in college/university that matters... Of course you need the crap in high school for that, though.
  9. Suvi
    02-13-2009 - permalink
    The things they tell you in school are a LIE!

    To me at least. The "real world" isn't as harsh as you think, it's just the people in it are all assholes <3
  10. Suvi
    02-13-2009 - permalink
    My exams are ovaaa!! So I can finally get back to things I wanted to do. How've you been?

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