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Conversation Between xCherryBlossomZeo and AnaSyami
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  1. xCherryBlossomZeo
    *pokes your page again* O.o
  2. xCherryBlossomZeo
    Cool. I should be coming on soon need to re download trickster .-.
  3. AnaSyami
    06-29-2011 - permalink
    i have no problem with thatt :3
  4. xCherryBlossomZeo
    Yeah ive seen your sheep AND cat in PvP. Anyway when I get my computer fixed and log bk in ill add your sheep/cat to my friendlist that is if you dont mind? lol :3
  5. AnaSyami
    06-20-2011 - permalink
    lovee your profile pic
  6. AnaSyami
    06-20-2011 - permalink
    new cat o:and oh you do?
  7. xCherryBlossomZeo
    so you have a diff name now I thought it was Tsuflayme you changed it? O.o And I see your sheep sometimes in pvp. lol.
  8. xCherryBlossomZeo
    same to you and ty lol
  9. AnaSyami
    10-21-2010 - permalink
    Hi hi, nice profile and your anime girls are really cute, I used to have that one with the little bunny doll ;o; Really cute =3
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