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Conversation Between TheBlackCatXIII and Aimee
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  1. Aimee
    01-29-2011 - permalink
    The teaching has been really bad and the subjects haven't been what I imagined they would be :/ but I'll dony best with the two I'm left doing now.
    After this, I guess I'll just work >.< lol (and holiday Heheh)
  2. TheBlackCatXIII
    01-29-2011 - permalink
    good stuff good stuff
    But what happened in the past 2 years T___T?
    Nice to hear that it's coming to an end and that you could go on a holidays soon 8D i'm sure u'd love it
  3. Aimee
    01-29-2011 - permalink
    Oh that's good then (:
    I'm alright. School hasnt been good for me at all these last two years, but I only have afew months left. Then two exams and I'm finished (: ireally can't wait lol

    I wanna go on holiday. Lol
  4. TheBlackCatXIII
    01-28-2011 - permalink
    hmm, probably attempt to live healthier, since life in HK is really really unhealthy xD eat and sleep at random times etc.
    and will catch up with a few more friends xD
    So how are you doing? still in college?
  5. Aimee
    01-28-2011 - permalink
    Yay ^.^ I'm glad.
    I see you're doing well. I'm happy for you (:
    What are you doing for the rest of your holiday?
  6. TheBlackCatXIII
    01-28-2011 - permalink
    I'm alive.
  7. TheBlackCatXIII
    10-01-2010 - permalink
    lol, well! i'm the cramming type so, i study lots during exam Q_Q
  8. Aimee
    09-29-2010 - permalink
    I remember it being like that for me too. But I never used the study time to study lol...
  9. TheBlackCatXIII
    09-29-2010 - permalink
    i will not return to any proper schooling. however, i will have to return school for exams. My first exam is 15th Oct if i remember correctly. a duration of 3 weeks. only go school for exams.
    then it's all over... feels good just thinking about it.
  10. Aimee
    09-28-2010 - permalink
    Lol =p

    The class is cool (there's only 7 of us) and the teacher is awesome so it's always fun <:

    When do you go back to school?
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