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  1. Kasumi
    02-24-2009 - permalink
    Skype is just ugly. .____. Plus I like having my stabs and not just this dumb list thing in Skype... T_T And I rarely voice chat with ppl, so bleh .-. Get MSN hunny ;o; New account, now! <3~

    I'm not a stalker kitteh, I'm a stalker sheepie. x3
    I mean no stalker at all. .___.; *is a good girl*

    *dodges* Nu uh D: If you throw more things, I might die. T_T
  2. Kusuriuri
    02-24-2009 - permalink
    I wasnt, and if you honestly believe I was 'mad' in any form, then perhaps you should see me truly mad, and judge for yourself.

    Though frankly, he deserved to deserved to finally be told off, and in the end Ameh and I found out tthe accused truly didnt do anything but win pvp fights.

    That is me being genuinely ticked off, this convo so far? Not so much. Though truthfully it is starting to aggravate me to have you accuse me of being angry when Im not.

    But fine. If you dont want to continue, then Im not going to push it. Perhaps just a little space is needed. You know how/where to find me if you wish to talk.

  3. Kasumi
    02-24-2009 - permalink
    I've noticed ;-; Don't be so busy D:

    Nope ._. I'm only using MSN D: I got Skype too, but not really using it... Only if I wanna skype with someone lol >< Cause Skype is better for that after all. Just because the ring tone is smexy. 8D
    Try out the newest version of MSN plus for me? ;o; *puppy eyes* If you dislike it, I won't bother you with it anymore... T-T

    Hmh, I know :3 I'm lurking in caballas guild forum x3 I read a bit about it. :x
    Uhh, I've been doing... Nothing? Just lvling my kitty a bit in TO ._. And some other stuff I'm always doing there *coughstalkingtjcough* x.x

    Don't throw a phoenix down at my face, I'm fragile. D: *throws it back*
  4. XooSliceooX
    02-24-2009 - permalink
    Lol, where do you live. o;
    Maybe on the weekends or something. I'm busy on weekdays XD
  5. XooSliceooX
    02-24-2009 - permalink
    I can fight you now, if you host. But you know, distance and etc <_> And I'd want you to get on MSN or IRC, so we can have live chat about the game, connecting, and winning/losing etc :U lololol
  6. XooSliceooX
    02-24-2009 - permalink
    Er, not exactly. I haven't even counted the soon-to-come extra lessons for school too. HA HA HA D8
    MBAC = Melty Blood Act Cadenza. lolol
  7. XooSliceooX
    02-24-2009 - permalink
    Ha ._.
    School. I wish for the weekends, but everytime it comes I'm scared to pick up an MMO, because the workload this year is way more, and once I play an MMO and like it..Down the drain my studies go. 8D *gets on computer everyday, on game, throwing schoolwork away*
    So I just play MBAC (Not pro, ahaha ;-; ), and random games. :x
  8. Kusuriuri
    02-24-2009 - permalink
    I swear because thats part of who I am o_o I wont deny its a bad habit, but I swear to everyone. Just because I was doing it to you didnt mean anything particularly nasty. Ask nearly anyone who's known me in the time you vanished, and Ive probably swore to nearly every single person at some point or another.

    And I didnt imply to 'screw off' either ._. I said I went in on my way to finish up a quest, and I meant that. I went in to explore, made some lulzy comments, and was turned off by the 'You could have asked me to come you know' comment (Which I didnt, because each time I checked the maps, you were on a dungeon map, and I saw your hp/mp fluctuate often, so what was I to assume other than the fact you were soloing?), so I left and went to go do my quests like Id originally intended. I didnt truly get aggravated until the 'This is how you invite someone' comment later on. Thats actually when I got pissed.
  9. Kusuriuri
    02-24-2009 - permalink
    @your edit

    I said Im not mad. I was only moody that night. Im trying to speak civilly to you now. Look back at the entire conversation thus far, and tell me who sounds more pissed off, you or me. - Multiplayer Gaming and Media Community - Conversation Between Suvi and BloodVeil

    If I truly didnt care, I would have simply reported your eggplant comment and moved on, without bothering to respond. If I truly didnt care, I would have disabled my profile messages and PMs, as a giant "F YOU." If I truly didnt care, I would have deleted these messages and gotten rid of the drama. But have I done any of that? No. Im still here, Im still listening, and Im still trying to be civil about it, however straining it is.
  10. Kusuriuri
    02-23-2009 - permalink
    Lol. You wanna go talk about profanity and disrespect, then do it back at me ._.? Nice GG moment.

    And no. I told you to leave me alone the rest of that night. Beyond that I was fine .-. But you didnt attempt to say anything the next day, so I didnt make an effort to start anything and just took the day casually once Ani left. I didnt even look at my mail on my others til earlier today, went to afk to eat and watch a movie with my fam, and came back to see the game was under maint already .-.

    And who said I wanted to 'end this badly?' I certainly never said such a thing. Im trying to tell you my side, and youre not listening. Am I angry now? No. But you keep implying that I am.

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Posted 12-13-2008 at 06:33 PM by Suvi Comments 1
Posted in Uncategorized
That was so much fun. I loved DJing and playing various music for people to hear.

Major success for my first time DJing, very supportive community <3

I hope to DJ more for everyone in the future and I really hope I have time for it after I get my new schedule for my part time job...

Toxxy had a garbled voice the entire time and TMM had a rough time starting up. I screwed up what I wanted to say a couple times too. Very fun experience.

Posted 12-12-2008 at 08:37 PM by Suvi Comments 0
Posted in Uncategorized

I'm pretty damn excited about this. My first DJing experience is coming in a few hours. I'm probably going to trip up somewhere and choke up a hairball or something. Wish me luck guys ;~;

I've prepared a nice 2 hour playlist and wondering how I'm going to accept requests that I might not even have the music for.

I prepared two special songs for the half time of each hour. I hope people will listen to my broadcasts....

Posted 12-10-2008 at 09:52 PM by Suvi Comments 0
Posted in Uncategorized
My mom told me to get out of the house and try being active, so she brought me to do some Muay Thai boxing at a place nearby. Everyone was of the same background as me so I felt like I fit in. (A lot different at school where everyone is pitch black. Not that I have anything against that )

The training was intense and the exercises actually made me sweat compared to Gym, where I hardly ever sweat at all except when tests come around.

After a good day of training, I...

Posted 12-08-2008 at 01:15 PM by Suvi Comments 2
Posted in Uncategorized
My sister cut my hair today... Man, I thought she had experience and such, cause she told me she would cut it with confidence...

Turns out to be, I'm the first "guy" haircut she's ever done. I had to TEACH her how to cut my OWN hair while she already shaved through half of it...

Luckily I was able to fix it in time... It didn't turn out too bad... But I preferred to keep it long for Anime North '09. Oh well.
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Good job. I don't think...
Posted 12-13-2008 at 10:16 PM by Chesters Chesters is offline
lmao, I don't want to...
Posted 12-11-2008 at 09:13 PM by Suvi Suvi is offline
you shoulda just let...
Posted 12-09-2008 at 10:30 AM by PedroRomero PedroRomero is offline
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