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  1. Gladiat
    08-04-2014 - permalink
    why do i feel so hungry now after seeing your name
  2. Sephyrr
    09-11-2011 - permalink
    Lol. Hey Strawberry. I'm glad to hear from you. Um. Let's see. LaTale currently is not working for me after I installed the last patch. I've tried some things to fix it, but it's not working. So...I'm still playing League of Legends and Elsword until I find a fix. I made amazingly good Collo guns before I left...although I broke 3 Collo gloves and lost like 35 super puzzles too right after.
  3. Sephyrr
    07-03-2011 - permalink
    You me in game...yeah!
  4. Sephyrr
    04-30-2011 - permalink
    Elsword is extremely fun, but I have finals, so I'm playing very lightly. The class I want to play is not out yet (or at least, try) but I'm still having tremendous fun with the others. Mm. Good luck with school and work this summer! It seems summers aren't as carefree as they used to be but at least I"ll be on a light schedule. 25 days for 21 levels seems nice! Keep it up!
  5. Sephyrr
    04-30-2011 - permalink
    The good ones being: Clannad, Baka To Test, Ef - A tale of memories, Setokai no Ichizon, and Angel Beats. I'm awaiting season 2's for Baka To Test, Setokai no Ichizon, and Angel Beats...but it looks like it'll take a while. I typically read the manga afterward to flesh out details and to discern discrepancies and the like.
  6. Sephyrr
    04-30-2011 - permalink
    Wait. Everything you're busy with is probably considered productive, right? xD Mm. Anime's. Let's see. I'm currently finishing Shuffle (which is okay...), and finished Canvas 2 the other day along with Gift: The Eternal Rainbow. They aren't as good as others but...I'm starting to run out since I already watched all the good ones.
  7. Shippo~
    04-24-2011 - permalink
    I apologize for the really late reply =/ Got so lazy xD Sorrryy.
    Gogogo pass both =D especially the driving test =) or did I miss it already? 2weeks so... good luck if not though!
    I visited yesterday but you weren't on =X Sometime soon again hopefully =D
  8. Sephyrr
    04-23-2011 - permalink
    Yeah. Finals in two weeks. I've been watching anime and stuff. I've been playing League of Legends and Dragonica while waiting for Elsword to come out on the 27th. Yawn. It's been pretty slow. I'm going to take classes and do research in the Summer, so it looks like I'll be busy for the rest of the year. Lol. Still playing Gunslinger, right? I quit LaTale a while back due to stress and boredom.
  9. Sephyrr
    04-22-2011 - permalink
    Lol. What's been up, Strawberry? ^^

    Still playing LaTale?
  10. Shippo~
    04-08-2011 - permalink
    Haha nice xD Gratz on 130 though =)
    Not bad, a bit annoyed at some people though xD but other than that I'm perfectly finee. Hows life for you?

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