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  1. Light
    03-30-2013 - permalink
    Ready for some games?
    Plus you weren't on skype to notify me so I didn't know you were online at all.
  2. Light
    03-30-2013 - permalink
    I see you've been playing nexus wars, tsk tsk.
  3. Light
    03-27-2013 - permalink
    He's doing better than the 178 - 56 guy just because he has more games under his belt.
  4. Light
    03-27-2013 - permalink
    I'm enjoying the "Not giving a shit" attitude when it comes to the game, because we're not trying to be professional gamers then it doesn't matter all that much.
    But remember that just like league of legends, the more games under your belt the easier to promote even if you're not all that good.

    A grandmaster has 178 - 152, which isn't that big a gap and yet he's way up there.
  5. Light
    03-27-2013 - permalink
    Oh, I made a mistake in my understanding of the borders.
    Apparently the shiny blue glass like border is the diamond league, while the bright baby blue metallic border is the masters league.

    So we were getting our asses kicked by diamonds all along, but it's ok because I've been training while you've been away for 5 days.
    I hope you've been studying those streams so we can start kicking ass.
  6. Light
    03-23-2013 - permalink
    In a lot of pain today, drugged up nicely.
    I beat Kowiz in achievements pretty badly even though I don't care for them anymore, feels good man.

  7. Light
    03-21-2013 - permalink
    Bro, where are you gone too now?
    There are promotions to be had, nubs to destroy
  8. Light
    03-19-2013 - permalink
    Skype now, we must discuss strategy that I just picked up on.
  9. Light
    03-15-2013 - permalink
    God damn, I can't find the motivation to 100% the story.
    Anyhow I'll be around tomorrow to play a few, just let me know when you're available in the future for some games and I'll come on.
  10. Light
    03-15-2013 - permalink
    I ate a sandwich around 8:30 that night, interestingly enough.
    Think of the Achievements bro! Your e-***** must grow to have credibility in the starcraft community.

    It's competitive after all.

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Posted 09-17-2010 at 12:24 AM by SlowBro Comments 6
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Instead of jacking my back tire at 3am how about you take the whole thing. I'm left with a shell of a bike and it's depressing to even look at it. If I knew that somewhere out there someone was enjoying the bike as a whole I wouldn't care as much

Posted 08-23-2010 at 11:35 PM by SlowBro Comments 8
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First off, anyone that knows me knows that I love my sister to death in the way that a true brother should. We grew up doing everything together and even plotted to run away from home and live on our own when we were rebellious teens. I kicked her bullies' asses and spent a whole month visiting her and teaching her the curriculum she was missing when she was hospitalized. Suffice it to say that she is my kawaii kawaii imouto that nobody will ever hurt and live to tell the tale.


Posted 08-19-2010 at 01:53 AM by SlowBro Comments 1
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I hate going to the store and buying something that I probably shouldn't be eating at my age and it melts in the wrapper. More specifically, this tasty treat of reese's peanut butter cups melted in that mini muffin cup thing. Now I have to eat it like an animal or freeze it for later. Serves me right for putting it in my pocket t_t

This blargh doesn't seem like it's long enough. Not like there are official standards for these things, are there? Well I cbf to look that shit up...

Posted 08-19-2010 at 01:40 AM by SlowBro Comments 1
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Did you guys ever wonder if god made us with a set of skill points to be distributed at birth? Like everyone gets the same amount of points but some people get them allocated terribly and end up like Stephen Hawking, Megan Fox, etc. Pretty much everyone is born into some general class like your typical warrior, mage, archer, or thief and the world just drives you to keep pumping future skill points into your starting class. Sure your parents say you can be whatever you want to be, but if you...
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