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Conversation Between Shnao and Belphybear
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  1. Shnao
    02-26-2012 - permalink
    Agreed. I replayed GS2:TLA over my short Mardi Gras break. The nostalgia was great.

    I haven't played DD either, heard it's not that good, though. I'll try it eventually.
  2. Belphybear
    02-26-2012 - permalink
    Indeed, the first two games were excellent. I can't say anything about Dark Dawn though, since I haven't played it yet.

    I could if I want to, but for some reason I'm just not interested in it.
  3. Shnao
  4. Belphybear
    02-26-2012 - permalink
    I say, where did you find that exquisite Golden Sun (1 & 2) image for your signature?
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