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  1. BoredomKillz
    06-22-2012 - permalink
    i guess in terms of stuff to do i would say elsword? but your choice still lol
  2. BoredomKillz
    06-22-2012 - permalink
    just got hamel town and the first two dungeons. cap was raised to 52 and exp tables were changed so its easier to level (still the hardest out of all the versions but much easier compared to before). also the new character chung comes out next week with 2 more dungeons. 3 more dungeons are expected to come out by the end of summer
  3. BoredomKillz
    06-22-2012 - permalink
    still hate your name. well.....

    dragon nest
    just got tinkerer (academic). also lots of changes and its easier to level up from 1-39. however once you reach the cap farming becomes extremely harder because of the changes. other than the new class nothing else new has been added and prolly wont be for a while :x
  4. BoredomKillz
    03-30-2012 - permalink
    how much you have?! im pretty broke too you know x] especially when everything goes for so much lol for elsword i maxed my main 3 characters and so nothing to do lol now just waiting for new place or new character to come out
    ya i was gonna go back for the revamp/new character, but dont know how long ill be staying lol prolly get boring fast again =P
  5. BoredomKillz
    03-29-2012 - permalink
    wow why so high TM?! game sure has changed x] kinda wanted to go back and just do the episode quests since i read the story lol as for elsword we havent gotten a lvl cap increase in a few months so nothing to do really =( just filler updates or a secret/special dungeon so blah

    also YOU HAVE FRIENDS?!?! /shot. jkjk
  6. BoredomKillz
    03-29-2012 - permalink
    what a mean >: i just saw you post in the market section and was like "ya ok ill get mess with him" /shot
    and no im not really playing anything lol need a new game cause am bored to death qq WHAT LEVEL ARE YOU ON TO NOW? AND WHAT CLASS
  7. Lilica
    01-02-2012 - permalink
    Happy New Year! And yea it was Ton-kun, he wanted to level my char
  8. Lilica
    12-30-2011 - permalink
    Someone is on my acct? Did they say anything? Because it isn't me, maybe its Ton-kun since he knows me info
  9. BoredomKillz
    12-03-2011 - permalink
    not if you think it wont boom xD if youre fine with the risk go for it o3o just dont resuper much xD thats just pushing your luck /shot
  10. BoredomKillz

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