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  1. Kusuriuri
    08-19-2008 - permalink
    I could have told Hotaka to stop. I thought they were dueling previously (Because Hotaka had been asking those of us there for duels) so I thought nothing of it, then next thing I know hes caught in the target.

    Reds equally as stubborn. It took me a number of months to finally get him off my ass and be able to walk in without being constant kos. They both help me when I need it, but they both kill each other.

    Im still irritated. Its best he not talk to me unless he has something worthwhile to say to me or Im liable to blow up again. Whats done is done, I sent that pm a good hour ago, thats now beyond my control.

    I tend to get really wordy when Im mad/aggravated/frustrated .-. Whereas most peoples ability to type becomes 0.
  2. Kusuriuri
    08-19-2008 - permalink
    I worded that wrong. I was aggravated to hell and back because he ALWAYS picks fights with other people that are my friends. Its hurts to hell to watch. I cant help one side without hurting the other, and Im so sick of it, sick of always being torn up over lame ass drama, I dont want to put up with it anymore, today was the last straw with Hotaka. And if he thinks this has anything to do with Red, it doesnt. I know Reds not going to stop, but at least hes fairly considerate. The very least Youp could do is be considerate on how I may feel on the matter when its someone I know, but I dont even get that much.

    Again, why do you think I logged off? I snapped at about 3 other people besides you before I finally just gave in and left completely until Id calmed down. Im still incredibly frustrated but Im not ready to throw the computer at the wall anymore.

    No td;lr version for profile stalkers D<
  3. Kusuriuri
    08-19-2008 - permalink
    Wow, you sure are fast to jump to conclusions. You dont even know what I said in the pm to him. Why the hell do you think I logged off earlier? Because I was pissed, and biting off anyones head that even spoke to me, not just you kthnx. So what, you gonna get all pissy with me and not even listen now that Ive cleared my head some?

    And lol. Dont even drag Aleu and Ameh into this, dear. Just keep them out, these ill feelings are between me and Youp only, not anyone else, so please dont try to smear anyone elses name through this.
  4. Kusuriuri
    08-19-2008 - permalink
    As far as I or anyone else is concerned, I dont know Youp, I never knew him, hes a fail little brat, and I hereby cut all ties with him.
  5. Shimi~Chan
    08-19-2008 - permalink
    hai ms.Yuki :O
  6. YukitchiSan
    08-19-2008 - permalink
    shimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii T_________T
  7. Shimi~Chan
    08-19-2008 - permalink
    yesh yesh ;---; thx for teh support D:
  8. Broken
    08-19-2008 - permalink
    *pats* D: good luck with your new drag and dont share your acc info anymore D:
    not even with your closests friends... who knows .. anyone could be a backstabber ._.
  9. Shimi~Chan
    07-31-2008 - permalink
    @____@ wtf......... why would she even do this....
  10. moffit
    07-29-2008 - permalink
    Shimi I just learned what happened to your chars. I'm so sorry. Q_Q

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