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  1. Kusuriuri
    05-31-2009 - permalink
    Yeah exactly. There arent that many people willing to compromise with you either. That David_Gale guy is a nice one to run trials with, if you guys are the only ones there, he'll offer to switch every round and junk, we did that at Tenter, I'd go kill it while he finished the quests in the maze and got the mud ball, then he'd go kill, and I did the quests, just like that for a while, til I got bored and left. But bossing is becoming more of a drama fest than it was before trials.
  2. Kusuriuri
    05-31-2009 - permalink
    I dont care if equipment rates go down. If I go, and have a 100% guaranteed shot at fighting a boss, then I can work with lowered drop rates on instanced bosses. I just hate having to go through all of those meaningless quests, for a chance at getting to the boss, only to find out halfway through that shit, that someone else is already there, and kills it, porting you back to the beginning, and forcing you to start over.
  3. Kusuriuri
    05-31-2009 - permalink
    No, its not. Its more an error in my registry than anything .-. It only happened again cause everything froze up and I was forced to hardboot the computer.

    Atleast my av looks semi decent, even if it was a rush job ;-; (lul brushes 8D) Still a little bitter about not being able to salvage the whole image though.

    I hate trials period. Theyre all time consuming and annoying. I miss the days of simply walking into a boss room, without all of these meaningless mini quests they force you to do, when half the time, you get ported out before you even finish them all. I hope instanced bosses come soon ._. if I still care enough to keep playing by that point. Trick is just so boring as hell. Even pvp has gotten boring. All I ever do the few times I log on is afk out in the waiting room, cause theres never anything particularly interesting going on inside .-.
  4. Kusuriuri
    05-31-2009 - permalink
    /QQ emo

    Stupid SAI <_> I couldnt save the pic Id been working on, cause it was like.. idk, making the program crash o_O? So I had to leave it up, and just standby my comp when I wanted to turn it off, cause, well, PS sucks for primarily drawing lol. Id cropped it and made a real fast shitty temp av to use for now in PS, thats about it. Well... compy crashed and killed my work .-. I didnt even get a chance to print screen before hand and try to save atleast the core of the image, since I couldnt save all my layers x_x Bah.

    Getting this error again after hardbooting from the crash is fun


    /Drawing motivation dies off again

    I was starting to like it ;-; Atleast I still have the av, but... D8 gah. What a waste. I wish I could figure out why saving is making SAI crash.
  5. Kusuriuri
    05-29-2009 - permalink
    Weeee 4 weeks now~ And lol. I bet Skull is camped like hell anyway. I hate boss trials with a passion. Annoying pos features. Instanced bosses please.
  6. Kusuriuri
    05-28-2009 - permalink
    I cant log on dear :/ I havent been able to get on much in the last 3 weeks now, thanks to my bish of a mum >_>
  7. Kusuriuri
    05-27-2009 - permalink
    Ew. Share some money .__. I cant really splurge like I want to for a while, or I would have kept going for that damn pet and 4G5 before maint >_> I only used... about 15~17 tries, however many coins that was ._. Atleast 30. Didnt really care to keep count. I even had moff log on while I was out for a few hours, cause I wasnt sure if Id make it back home in time, came back like 25 min before maint lol. Shes the one who got my Bika pet, I was hoping she'd have the same luck and get me Azhi for Nuite, she was still missing Jen, Azhi and the staff after 8 tries, I already had the sword and headband prior <_> I gave in and got 12 more coins, got Jen and the staff, no Azhi .-. zzz My kidlet priesty cant use Jen ~_~'
  8. Kusuriuri
    05-27-2009 - permalink
    I really wanted that gd pet for my priest ._. Would have really helped Nuite. Figures I get everything else but. And its a 4G5 town, I need 4G5s.. zz

    I couldnt recharge for more chances ._. Sigh.
  9. reikakioshi
    05-10-2009 - permalink

  10. Sinh
    01-29-2009 - permalink

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