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Conversation Between Sephyrr and gordonschumway
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  1. gordonschumway
    06-05-2010 - permalink
    Just waiting on a few things, I'll make sure you guys know.
  2. Sephyrr
    06-05-2010 - permalink
    ._. Sir. I have not heard details for the farewell party yet. Please don't forget to notify me. xD
  3. Sephyrr
    05-18-2010 - permalink
    In terms of LaTale, not too well sir. A lot of drama and people quitting have gotten to my nerves. I'm thinking about making a new character to grind up with a real life friend and just avoid some people over the next few days. ;-;

    How have you been?

    I wish you well with your e-feelings and hope everything else is going well.

    (p.s. My arm hasn't recuperated from the last ducking contest. D=)
  4. gordonschumway
    05-16-2010 - permalink
    How are you doing sir? As you probably saw, I am out of action for a bit while the e-feelings work themselves out. We'll see what happens. Hope to be back for another Ducking Challenge soon.
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