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Conversation Between sentythee and Griever
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  1. sentythee
    07-23-2011 - permalink
    I think they'll be fine if you post it in the titans dream thread. Light posted enough in there to make everyone think they really are all dreams.
  2. Griever
    07-22-2011 - permalink

    Ikr that impostor.

    Speaking of purple nipples, have I got a story to tell you. I won't write it here because there's too many adolescents and I wouldn't wanna traumatize them for life.

    Yeah, spit on me and tell me I'm a dirty boy. :3
  3. sentythee
    07-20-2011 - permalink
    That was seriously well played by fake ayumi.

    I'll take off the clamps since those were just for show anyway, but I'm painting your nipples purple. The arm pieces aren't going, that would be too dangerous.

    Anything else, your highness?
  4. Griever
    07-20-2011 - permalink
    Lolinux. Get Windows 95 like everyone else.

    Fine The leash can stay but at least loosen up these arm restraints and nipple clamps.
    Also lol @ fake Ayumi vvvvvv
  5. sentythee
    07-19-2011 - permalink
    It doesn't seem to want to run in VirtualBox, and there's not linux version ><
    I need to stay on Ubuntu to finish a few things, so I can't play the korean version right now.

    Sorry, but I can't give you a choice! Unless I want a bunch of things to go to waste like they did with lunia. And what a waste that was. No guarantees that anything will even happen though.
  6. Griever
    07-18-2011 - permalink
    You should dl it. It's pretty easy to sign up and surprisingly I had 0 lag. Combo system and gameplay is a bit simple early on, but after level 15 or so when you're able to mix and match class skills they become way more versatile and effective and the enemies get stupidly strong and smarter.

    D: loosen up the leash a bit master
  7. sentythee
    07-17-2011 - permalink
    I'll be playing Frantz first. I haven't played as anyone yet, so I might switch early on. I should install the korean version before it comes out here.

    Tunks and Steve aren't here anymore, so I'm including you in anything weird I might do with the game. You have no choice in this either .-.
  8. Griever
    07-16-2011 - permalink

    Any idea what char you're gonna play? I'm sticking to Tude, played him and he's the most fun imo.
  9. sentythee
    07-16-2011 - permalink
    You and me, we're pvping nonstop once it comes out. You don't have a choice in this ,-,
  10. Griever
    07-13-2011 - permalink
    Ok good, I have some more ppl to PK now. ^^;
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