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Conversation Between selfdeception520 and MarkM
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  1. selfdeception520
    I'll try if i Can remake my Facebook or not >.<
    Will missing gant gant so much and please keep in contact with me at this is my email address directly connected into my Cell phone
    love you gant gant <33333333333 & much more~
  2. MarkM
    02-22-2013 - permalink
    ty momma, will check facebook everynow and then if ur still on it?
  3. selfdeception520
    Happy early Valentine to you Gant Gant
  4. selfdeception520
    Merry Christmas late
    I didn't check this site often >.<
    Talk to u in game :3
  5. MarkM
    12-25-2012 - permalink
    merry xmas
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