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Conversation Between SDReborns and KirovReporting
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  1. SDReborns
    01-24-2011 - permalink
    you changed ur ign again = =
  2. SDReborns
    01-21-2011 - permalink
    did that already.
    even used system restore.. still gives me this bs.

    thanks anyway buddy.
  3. KirovReporting
    01-21-2011 - permalink
    no clue
    might as well reinstall
  4. SDReborns
    01-20-2011 - permalink
    hey do you know anyone who managed to fix that WIZARDTHREAD_CANTOPENZIP error i posted in the Technical Issues thread? ive had it for days and still cant play. not even after the patch.
  5. SDReborns
    01-17-2011 - permalink
    hey interested in trading me a sinanju (c2) for i dont know A/AS plans or something?
    the credit card thing didn't work out lol
  6. KirovReporting
    12-19-2010 - permalink
    all attack, nothing else
    maximum firepower ftw
  7. SDReborns
    12-18-2010 - permalink
  8. SDReborns
    12-18-2010 - permalink
    hey was that offer of yours still standing? see i really needed a paper s-rank and i was hoping it could be seravee, but since the maths are going to be insane i was wondering if you could help me out right thar xD if not np, ill grind like a bish and get it in a few months.
    also, where to put SF points? will have it in a few hours, been playing for houurs lolol
  9. SDReborns
    12-16-2010 - permalink
    i agree with your point on unicorn being tanky, its usually the one who survives longest in the right hands, today i was the last man standing and killed a v2b/hac/and a hwsnu, but then got raped by that c-rank ball ;( also im sick T_T kill meh plz.
  10. SDReborns
    12-07-2010 - permalink
    hmm alright thanks, as for justice, i REALLY dislike it XD i had justice before (my first made s-rank) and i deleted it. when do you expect patch info?
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