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Conversation Between Satty and Esperetta
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  1. Esperetta
    01-08-2011 - permalink
    lmao I got it from livejournal somewhere...

    Nice profile btw <33

    I hope to see you around too!
  2. Satty
    01-05-2011 - permalink
    LOL! I love this avatar. Maybe it's maybelline lololol
    Well, my TO is back on working so I hope we bump into each other soon! : D
  3. Esperetta
    12-23-2010 - permalink
    O: I haven't had any problems, (I use XP too) apart from DCing when I log on alot xD

    n__n You should check out SouthEast forest, It's sooooooo pretty!
    and, and Poop dungeon has wings nao! 8D
  4. Satty
    12-22-2010 - permalink
    Yeah, I'm having some troubles gettin' online now, after the patch with the revamp and such.. q_q /cries
    but it seems that some XP users are having the same trouble aswell.
    Oh wells, I hope I can get online sometime and see you.:3
  5. Esperetta
    12-22-2010 - permalink
    HI Satty!

    Hope to see you moar in-game n__n
    My main is Esperetta :3
  6. Satty
    12-19-2010 - permalink
    hello there
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