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Conversation Between Sakurah and GerbilDude
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  1. Sakurah
    10-10-2012 - permalink
    If you're looking to upload an avatar, it must be 160x160 pixels at max, Idk about file type, but I use .png format. Also keep in mind that you need at least five posts outside of Astro's guild chat to upload avatars. ;<
  2. GerbilDude
    10-10-2012 - permalink
    Hey mom im having trouble getting a pro pic on here. Can you use any picture or does it have to be a certain file type? or is it a size issue? Ive tried uploadin pictures but it aint workinn... Also I am missing you cuz its reallly quiet in the guild now.
  3. GerbilDude
    07-07-2012 - permalink
    Hey Kani just wanted to let you guys know that Im not gonna be on for awhile due to Scout Camp. Im probably not gonna be on for like a WK and a half. Sorry for not bein on lately too, my dad changed the passcode on the computer again but ill be back later-ish..
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