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  1. Dani
    04-17-2010 - permalink
    do you have amodded wii or no?
    Cuz MH3 was leaked for those with mods yesterday
  2. Dani
    04-15-2010 - permalink
    Why're there so many chants flooding your page rk
  3. Noperative
    04-13-2010 - permalink
    I am the writer of my roleplay
    Storyline is my body, and OoC is my blood
    Have created many characters
    Unknown to homolust
    Nor known to godmoding
    Have withstood much trolling to roleplay
    Yet these posts will never finish anything
    So as I pray, "Unlimited --
    --get to roleplaying fgt.
  4. Cornlito
  5. Cornlito
    03-29-2010 - permalink
    I am the reader of my 8-Bit theater
    Blackmage is my body, and stabbing is my blood
    Have stabbed fighter over a thousand times
    Unaware to Red Mages talking
    Nor aware of my smell
    Withstood many beatings from White mage to sex her
    Yet, I will never be happy
    So as I hadoken
    Unlimited dark gods works.

    /My failed try at that.
  6. Noperative
    03-28-2010 - permalink
    What'd I say, what'd I say.
  7. Cornlito
    03-28-2010 - permalink
    I am the bullet of my danmaku.
    Dodge is my body, and focus is my blood.
    I have grazed over a thousand shots.
    Unaware of death.
    Nor aware of continues.
    Withstood spell cards to defeat many bosses.
    Waiting for the Extra stage.
    I have no regrets, this is the only path.
    My whole life was "Unlimited Touhou Works."
  8. Cornlito
    03-28-2010 - permalink
    SON OF A-
    I am the randomness of my thoughts.
    Uselessness is my body, and filler is my blood
    I have created over a thousand posts.
    Unaware of meaning.
    Nor aware of purpose.
    Have withstood the pain of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
    Waiting for the post delay to pass.
    I have no patience for 60 seconds.
    My whole life is "Unlimited Spammer Works."

    I am the spark of fuses.
    Ire is my body, and conflict is my blood.
    I have created over a thousand responses.
    Unknown to peace.
    Nor known to apathy.
    Have withstood the pain of many arguements.
    Yet these posts will always end up closing threads.
    So as I troll, "Unlimited Flamer Works."

    I am the cherry of my blossom.
    Frail is my body and tsundere is my blood.
    I have planted over 1000 flowers.
    Unaware of loss,
    Nor aware of gain.
    Waiting for one's arrival...
    I have nothing but regrets, this is the only path.
    My whole life was
  9. Cornlito
    03-28-2010 - permalink
    RK trolled.
  10. RoflKnife
    03-28-2010 - permalink
    I am the pilot of my mecha
    Gundanium is my body, and beams are my blood
    Have shot down over a 1000 suits
    Unknown to plot armor
    Nor known to plot sword
    Have upgraded my mecha many times
    Yet, my performance relies on manliness
    So as I pilot,
    Unlimited Mecha Works

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