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  1. Etna
    05-22-2010 - permalink
    You're right, that is a bit long.. Here, I'll just call you OC2BS2GMMA.

    Sooo cool, you're like a computer and not a living being at all! I'ma call you 'it' from now on!
  2. Etna
    05-18-2010 - permalink
    Aw thanks obsessive chubby-chasing bisexual stalker with severe gutter-mind mental afflictions!

    It's ok, I'm a proud pervert as well! Just.. of the straight variety >>

    Edit: Oh and to answer your question, yes I'm quitting xD I may miss you too whoever you are!
  3. Etna
    05-17-2010 - permalink
    Surprised, but not afraid lol.. unless I'm ever in the same shower as you >>'
  4. Etna
    05-15-2010 - permalink
    o.o I am me, I never said I was anyone else~

    I'm.. too disturbed to actually click your links >> I'll never understand the boy on boy stuff, and I don't want to lol

    D= so you want a 300 pound man to sit on you for shmex..? Ewww! enjoy and please, no more details on the nasty stuff lol
  5. Hana
    05-15-2010 - permalink
    Only tentacle has been nerfed, however, it is still one of my main skill in Myth.
    Also, this nerfed tentacle gives more damage in pvp than before.
    I can't say it is that bad.

    Eclipse is awesome as always.
  6. Etna
    05-14-2010 - permalink
    I havn't a clue, that's not me and never will be lol

    .. *looks closer* oh hey, he does. Neato.

    I see. You're type of man is truly the manly men who mimic anime characters! I salute you with whack-off material that only you could love!

    This is why I love photobucket.

    "there are some nasty reasons that goes from mind to mind xD"
    Wait, wait.. what kind of nasty things?
  7. Etna
    05-12-2010 - permalink
    Do you want to know?

    ... Do you REALLY want to know? Take a peek good sir..

    WARNING! Topless & in a skirt :<

    God, I love photobucket.

    You.. want men? Oh please no.. wait! Answer me this! What part of a male is attractive anyway? I've never understood that frame of mind o.o
  8. Hana
    05-11-2010 - permalink
    "No =D"
    search "lunia voice" on Google.
    and click the very first link.
  9. Etna
    05-07-2010 - permalink
    Male? My brother in arms! I know what it's like to be considered female by the ignorant masses that haunted me so! ;_; I was proposed to on countless occasions long ago! Do not fret! We shall band together and rid the world of those who mistake genders!

    That being said, pandas are girly; henceforth, you are a girl.

    Wanna find out so bad? Go ahead, cut her hair and clone her; however, don't come crawling back to me when they both kill you for it.. no seriously don't! I'll be enjoying my time with two honeys and I dislike being bothered :<

    *blushes* Are you coming on to me? I'm straight girly!

    D= I havn't seen her dark eir yet.. seeing her before me is a crime of the highest order! I'm suing you for one-upping me! Better yet *Throws panda into an endless pit of despair, loneliness and tight cowboy outfit wearing men*
  10. Etna
    05-04-2010 - permalink
    Are you sure you're not dangerous? Because you sound like a female and threesomes are always awesomely fun!

    .. Thank god Hana will never check your visitor board or she'd likely delete my character or put me in another one of her weird torture fetishes. Yup, that's your hero's secret life, Howl guaranteed! Now, excuse me.

    *Hides behind innocent civilians*

    That aside~ What's so great about dark eir? I havn't played in months so I'm really not aware of the fancy-shmancy new toys you youngins have nowadays.. BACK in my day! We had to play with three characters.. three! And if we complained.. well, that's a paddling, I'll tell you boy.

    P.S.: Stalk her all you want, I sense she's blushing <3


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