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  1. fieryshadowcard
    02-02-2009 - permalink
    I never got the chance to play jTO. Everytime I was about to, I just never went through with it.

    And I am sure that whatever changes you make, you will be pleased. Foxes have so many things to choose from now. No more SS+SM only and the occasional LM till 3rd. I'm looking forward to what you think of the Thief Master poison skills. :3
  2. fieryshadowcard
    01-28-2009 - permalink
    Glad to see you back, Fox guru!

    A lot happened at MT in June last year; long story short, MT died and MOG revived the old forum's spirit.

    I've been on and off in TO. I'm slowly raising my Fox to 200, then someday to 400; she's 175 at the moment. TO, aside from quests and all, has changed a lot in terms of interface. The party gap is now 99 (if you ever need a party and I'm on). All classes as you know have a ton of new skills. I bet you already have Chain of Knives for your Fox.

    Yep, I played RO before I played Trickster (private server). I like the noble tanking roles, so it was Lord Knight/Paladin for me. RO2 was interesting. I had fun playing it in the limited fashion I did, but the game was pretty incomplete. I'd like to see how it is when there's more content. I will say this--porings own you until level 20 (you don't even encounter your first until level 13 or 14). Then different-colored porings own you. x_x

    Welcome back! I hope you'll stick around for a bit. :3
  3. iHmute
    01-20-2009 - permalink
    Welcome back!

    You probably won't remember/don't me, but you've helped me in Trickster and I hope I can return the favour. I've also seen your posts on mytrickster and they were very helpful.

    Hope to see you in-game someday.
  4. james
    01-19-2009 - permalink
    Kay, fine with me
  5. james
    01-19-2009 - permalink
    Oh, before I forget, make sure when you reply to people's messages (that they left you on your Visitor wall) that you reply to them using THEIR wall. That way they get a notification, and then they write you back.
  6. james
    01-19-2009 - permalink
    Do you want the copy of your guide closed so you can open your own and edit?

    Welcome to MMOG BTW.

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