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Conversation Between Qio and michelle432
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  1. michelle432
    09-20-2010 - permalink
    lol congrats. college is totally facking killing me q_q TOOO much homework and studying. i have like no life until the weekends basically lol x_x
  2. Qio
    09-19-2010 - permalink
    Hey misha, yeah it sucks^^
    iam still studying for my exams and stuff. The last 4 month studying took all my time and its ongoing :/ Writing the last one tomorrow. Then finaly iam done for this semester and will have some free time. I hope youre well and college doesent eat you. Happy to hear of you
  3. michelle432
    08-30-2010 - permalink
    hey tea how have u been ^^. college is ****ing tiring. SOOO MUCH GODDAM studying and homework <_< i finally understand what u have been dealing with lols
  4. michelle432
    06-22-2010 - permalink
    HELLO =D arent u graduating college this yr
  5. Qio
    06-20-2010 - permalink
    misha god dam amazing cover i have to show you, there is only this live version
    link~>>> YouTube - ENTER SHIKARI - 'Insomnia' Live at Brixton Academy. Nov 2007
    watch it full and from the beginning to the end! amazingggggggggggggggg

    watch it mademoiselle co-leader
    oh and turn up the volume to max!

    also for enter shikari reference : YouTube - Enter Shikari - Sorry You're Not A Winner
  6. michelle432
    06-15-2010 - permalink
    aww q_q okies. i'll gladly accept to be the sub and have full power ^^. gl with the girlfriend, and plz no sex <_< ewww no sex <_< if u do, ur gonna get pregnant <_<
  7. Qio
    06-15-2010 - permalink
    hi misha,
    atm iam extremely busy at the university, have a part time job now and a new kinda girlfriend thing going ^^
    unfortunately i rly cant logon as often as i would wish too D:<
    so i wanted to ask you if you would want to be full power co-leader of kami.
    you are trustworthy and reasonable (most of the time) and also a long time member, i think you know whats good for the guild and are more active than i am atm
    i dont know how long the stuff will be that chaotic over here, and i look forward to get time to play rly active again soon
  8. michelle432
    06-14-2010 - permalink
    teaaaaaa. r u coming back to trickster q_q ur so inactive
  9. michelle432
    04-21-2010 - permalink
    i have done harkon defense once but dont want to do it ever again lol x_x it just bored me a bit cuz i lagged the whole time lols
  10. Qio
    04-20-2010 - permalink
    lol yeah^^

    and for harkon defence, aoe is very important C:
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