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Dear Ambellina~

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  1. Rydia
    04-17-2010 - permalink
    Ahh ok yes I think that was it. I'm so behind with these shadow things. Thank you! ^_^
  2. Rydia
    04-16-2010 - permalink
    Hi, I saw you the other day with some weird brown shield I was just wondering what shield it was? There arent a lot of brown shields so I think you'll know what I mean. D:
  3. michelle432
    04-15-2010 - permalink
    tea do u play latale? if u do add me, my ign is RoboLady
  4. michelle432
    04-07-2010 - permalink
    YouTube - Black Veil Brides "Knives and Pens" The lead singer looks hot in that video. idk why lol.

    YouTube - SUICIDE SILENCE - Wake Up (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Suicide silence is epic and i found out they are from riverside which is like close to where im from lol

    YouTube - The Black Dahlia Murder - "Necropolis" Metal Blade Records Who doesnt love the black dahlia murder :3

    I'll give u some more if u want :3 my list goes on and on and on lol

    Btw my friend is a huge alexis on fire fan ever lol. he got me into them :3 canada is awesome =D

    sry for the long double posting lol. it wouldnt let me fit it
  5. michelle432
    04-07-2010 - permalink
    heres a crapload of stuff for u :3 U may or may not know who they are. ( the fall of troy) 2 bad they broke up this yr =(

    YouTube - Scary Kids Scaring Kids - "The Only Medicine" Immortal Records they also broke up this yr T_T

    YouTube - Miss May I - "Forgive and Forget" Official Music Video (miss may i) if u dont like them, imma shoot u tea <_< (LOVE THEM BEST BAND EVER)

    YouTube - Bless the Fall- Black Rose Dying Bless the fall is awesome *_* LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM oh their gonna be touring with miss may i also . omg i wanna go soooo bad
    04-06-2010 - permalink
    how coem u dun lyk yoghurt taste?? r u crazy or is ur tongue fudsh???? :S :S :S
    übrigens ur best spruch : aberglaube entsteht durch nichtwissen!!

    p.s. shaddap! klettverschluss over kreus r coolie and where r my corbs??
    04-02-2010 - permalink
    and happy easter 8) schön bunte eier suchen, 'ne
    (wenn du mehr als 1. korb bzw ei findest, einfach mitnehm! FÜR MIK)
    04-01-2010 - permalink
    THATS IT! U HAVE NO CHANCE....AGAINST US.. wait a littl we come we come soon.. and ur lyk ded and lol? whtssss wrong with shoes w/ klettverschluss??? THEY R NIEC OK
    (im not tlkin bout sketer shoes.. tlkin bout .. u know wat i mean 8))8))...though i dun think i hab shoes w/ klettverschluss... i should get sum..)

    i know i know ur actually prettyfull too, u have nice curls >:3 APRIL APRIL
    also i wont gib u ice crem 4 free... u suk u know.. u shuld coem to bella vita here (there where im wrkin) they r all frendly u know. okok.. u must pay .60 euro 4 one kugel, ok? but since ur qio, 1euro, ok? i suggest u choose yogurt kugel.. so tastyyyyy )) SO IS THE PT OVER YET?! HOPE NOT

    p.s. if u sey jonghyun is fugly then u dun know him *-* he velly handsome *-* *-* .. but 171cm is too small 4 my tastee.. but he still handsome! he beautyy from inside and outside and u, ur beauti from inside ONLY
    03-31-2010 - permalink
    HEY! UR SUPPOSED TO TELL ME IM PRETTYFULL TO COMFORT ME!!11 y r u sayin atzen sux.. ILL CALL MY GANG be prepared! AND u pickin me up.. is the pt over yet?? its been 9 am all the time?? i wont escape np np np u can hav icecream 4 free
    ur vry nice C: but r u sure u r allowed 2 come in ?! ur beauty from inside *proofs it* but ur ugly u know tat too
    03-30-2010 - permalink
    i approve with u working =/= fun
    is sucky but i hab to, no one will fund my private stuff (know what i mean?? CLOTHS and OTHAS).. yeah bye bye mummy's and daddy's money (though they still pay other stuff, important stuff, lyk food w/ee). only for ur interesse, i work as waitress in an ice cafe started from may 1th. during mah break, i rly hab to wake up at 8 o'clock and b thar at 9 o'clock.. yeh.. sux i know but i rly nid $$. r u rly picking me up for partay? o,o ok.. but i guess i wont be allowed 2 come.. im not from the beautyfull ppls.. (
    wat y not ATZENPARTY??! WANT DRESCHE ODER WAT >:O rofl yaya atzen always coolie, atze atze

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