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Conversation Between PringleHeroZ and dimes
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  1. PringleHeroZ
    12-20-2009 - permalink
    huh yo man its just i never log on this thing im around the forums just never logged on pretty well, yes yes lots of anime to see
  2. dimes
    11-07-2009 - permalink
    Hey, r u alive yet?

    long time no see you, pal

    Im just thinking what to watch now, so many series released already

    regards :P
  3. PringleHeroZ
    06-29-2009 - permalink
    Ye man its definitely a must either way its on the third episode jesus that third episode was something
  4. dimes
    06-19-2009 - permalink
    Lol need to watch the 2nd one yet, i loved first episode a lot
  5. PringleHeroZ
    06-19-2009 - permalink
    Ye guess so man YOU WATCH THE NEW HARUHI? two episodes out already mm great anime
  6. dimes
    06-15-2009 - permalink

    Long time no see huh @_@
  7. PringleHeroZ
    03-13-2009 - permalink
    Hah lost your account o well yeap yeap the people in Trickster sure are a nusiance all act and talk alike from time to time but yea the chibi thing was hilarious especially when they caught nagato watching porn : P
  8. dimes
    03-12-2009 - permalink
    I must watch that chibi-show srly, oh hai its been a long time, you were right lol, after i totally quit TO i lend my account to some b!tch and she messed, f*cked and deleted it, anyway i didnt really care about it, i was so sick of that fail management and horrible persons there... bye forever mmorpgs and long live for anime ~ :3
  9. PringleHeroZ
    03-03-2009 - permalink
    Eww dont play trickster anymore hah (bad greeting) Hey diego its been a while hows life giving you? Reading my other post i notice that there is this small parody of the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya- chan look it up its pretty funny and yea one more month and that new season hopefully.
  10. PringleHeroZ
    12-15-2008 - permalink
    i always liked the fact that sometimes you cant tell wheter hes thinking or talking outloud
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