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Conversation Between PoisonousFrog and kite384
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  1. PoisonousFrog
    01-15-2013 - permalink
    Yooo!! I still owe you 3k MS~ It is just difficult for me to log on cuz Hotmail is down!! I cant view my emails and I have me password on it!! D;
  2. PoisonousFrog
    12-25-2012 - permalink
    People do not understand lmao. If I start telling people I will quit the game blah blah blah, then people will even think about quiting too...
  3. kite384
    12-24-2012 - permalink
    we got enough negative people in the TO community complaining about how the game is dying or complaining about the events blah blah blah, and that is how ladies and gents, that is how trickster really dies, because of those few who keep complaining

    exactly i posted somewhere something very similar b4 *trickster will only die if people keep saying it i think trickster wont die anytime soon
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