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Conversation Between Pacifica and Hazelnutcoffee
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  1. Hazelnutcoffee
    11-03-2009 - permalink
    happy belated bday^ ^!
    hope you had a good one~
    hey~ i'm busy with studies but doing great!
    how are you? how's your school? work? =)))))) we miss you dearly<3
    hehe visit us if u ever get time~=) ^^
  2. Pacifica
    10-29-2009 - permalink
    Lizzy! *2 weeks late* LOL everything is going great! Its my birfday today Lizzard! haha, how are you?
  3. Hazelnutcoffee
    10-15-2009 - permalink
    JESSSSSSSS omg... how is everything!
  4. Pacifica
    10-10-2009 - permalink
    Lizzy! *Stops in to say hello*
  5. Hazelnutcoffee
    08-04-2009 - permalink
    Hai JessJess <3
  6. Pacifica
    07-30-2009 - permalink
    Lizzerdd <3
  7. Hazelnutcoffee
    05-28-2009 - permalink
    oo jess! oh noez! :<<<<< well gl on that n if u need emotional support i'll be on msn XD<3~
    oh too bad about D, but oh well, at least we got this awesome update <3
    lol n i heard about what happened to dave
  8. Pacifica
    05-22-2009 - permalink
    <3 Yay Lizzerd :3!! I probably wont play Drago till the 1st - 2nd week of June >_< cuz of the projects Ive been loaded with in chemistry, physics, and bio -_- So I reallly hope Drago delays and doesnt come out till like June 2nd or something rofl it gives me more time to focus on schoolwork x__x; and Yes we can create more memories togetherrrr! ^_^
    I love you Lizzerd! *poof*
  9. Hazelnutcoffee
    05-19-2009 - permalink
    Jess Jess~ o noez! Dx thats not good news T.T
    then ofc I'll try dragonica~ I want many moar good memories of Jess jess <3 n I want you to have many moar of us <33 I'm waiting for OB btw
    O Jess you have to tell me what will become of you, so I am not left behind feeling like you are MIA :<
    and we should add each other on FB n stuffs ^_^
    @ bobo: come talk2 us in Lunia d000000d xD
  10. Pacifica
    05-18-2009 - permalink
    Lizzarddd are you gonna play Dragonica in RB? I'm going to play it but, I only have till about August then I'm done with MMOs for good :| Stupid uniii T_T
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