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Conversation Between Pacifica and Auria
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  1. Pacifica
    11-14-2009 - permalink
    Oh geez, I thought I replied to you but apparently I didn't haha sorry! *2 weeks late* Thank you Aury! Haha, yeah me nad and rumah had birthdays like a day apart :P by the way I so totally fooled everyone with my surprised face ttyl chickieee
  2. Auria
    10-30-2009 - permalink
    LOL woah i dont think i could deal with lots of science rofl, what're u gonna be? o.o HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAY! i remember this time last year with you nad and rumah D:< party time ok! have a good one <3 LOL good luck with suprised face.

    miss you too<3!
  3. Pacifica
    10-29-2009 - permalink
    Lots of science,man it sucks LOL. It's my birthday today! Have a surprise party tomorrow that I'm not supposed to know about by figured it out lolll Time to fake a surprised face! :O
    haha. I miss you Aurypoo! xD
  4. Auria
    10-11-2009 - permalink
    wow omg, what you doing? LOL food anytime <3 sounds awesome ok! ya and its still as boring as ever rofl, um just a bunch of new characters and cs, apart from that not much >: you too! good luck with uni stoofs! <3
  5. Pacifica
    10-10-2009 - permalink
    Things are going pretty well I guess. Gone to university now, it's pretty boring I guess. But I can go to the cafeteria anytime I want and eat foodz <3333 Haha Do you still play lunia? Are there any changes? I uninstalled my game and I haven't visited the website for months lolll. Hope all is well :]
  6. Auria
    10-10-2009 - permalink
    wow i know D: miss u pacific ): <3
    im good thanks! how about you? how're things? xD
  7. Pacifica
    10-09-2009 - permalink
    Hola Aurypoooo! Haven't talked to you in like months... rofl. How are you :3
  8. Pacifica
    06-03-2009 - permalink
    THEY DELETED TCREW? Omg ;-; it was so adorable and cute q_q Are you playing Loonia still? I tried searching for you once x3 Us Grannies need to re unite ya know? xD
    <3 I've tried lunia the jog spamming is so wonderful ;__; GO DOUBLE MAX JOGS!
  9. Auria
    05-27-2009 - permalink
    LOL omg, i want to play tcrew again but I think they deleted it, can u believe that?! it was such a cool game ;_____; *qq*
    yeah it is kinda similar to that xD getting bored already tho, this sucks haha
    how're thing anyways : D
  10. Pacifica
    05-26-2009 - permalink
    GhostX? *Looks it up* Oh it looks cool xD. Remember when we used to play Tcrew? LOL. For some reason I just got an image of that in my head rofl
    Thanks for the luck <333
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