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Conversation Between Ovary and Amakusa
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  1. Ovary
    06-12-2009 - permalink
    ._. No.. I haven't even played any games really.
  2. Amakusa
    06-10-2009 - permalink
    Hmm, you are playing something you don't feel like playing? >_>"

    No, I'm not teaming up with anything, where did you see that? D:<

    *also ugh EU Dgn patcher stucked*
  3. Ovary
    06-09-2009 - permalink
    Ohh D:
    Eh.. ... star ocean.. and ff x-2 ( which I never beat) kinda dont feel like it

    D< Don't team up with people!
  4. Amakusa
    06-08-2009 - permalink
    Hmmpf, just heard a very dissapointing news about DGN service area.. *sigh*
    And combined with my not so good mood..
    Hmm, which ps2 games? o.o

    Then.. What should I eat? D:
  5. Ovary
    06-05-2009 - permalink
    Lol, v; Good luck with that~ .. Lol.. I'm randomly going to replay some ps2 games.

    -Eats lunch.- ... Ignoring the bits of eggshell left in it, not bad.
  6. Amakusa
    05-29-2009 - permalink
    Uh yeah.. Grindy games + loneliness = /lonequit
    Well, hopefully I can play DGN with my friends, been quite long since we played an online game together.. 8D

    Uh oh, I get my lunch taken away as soon as I logged on here. >>"
    Oh well, it was my first and most awesome cooking. Goodluck trying it hurr. D<
  7. Ovary
    05-29-2009 - permalink
    Yes~ Holy beast.. I'm not bored.. with it...well..maybe >_>;
    It seems a bit grindy, so I'd prefer playing with a party of friends, ya' know?

    D< Well then, hand over that handmade lunch, foo'~
  8. Amakusa
    05-26-2009 - permalink
    I guess HBO is Holy Beast Online? And. did you get bored just after testing it lol?
    Also, the US site reminded me of an online game, Getamped. >_>'

    B.. But I cooked my own food, so I don't have any lunch money. </3
  9. Ovary
    05-26-2009 - permalink
    ._. Yes, I lagged that long... orz..
    Lol.. I started HBO, because the same friend wanted to.. we haven't really played since downloading.
    >_>; Wonder if we will.

    D:< Give me your lunch money, bish! -Pushes around.-
  10. Amakusa
    05-24-2009 - permalink
    Lol, killing the boss of the same level would take around 3-5 minutes. You lagged for that long? o.o
    My lag was because of connection issue I think, since I lagged less in EU version.
    Let's just see which version would be better then for me~ 8D

    I was bullied.. Meanie! ;_;
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