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Conversation Between NoeJeko and Silver Rook
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  1. Silver Rook
    10-22-2010 - permalink
    Silver Rook
    Noe, like, what the hell man.
  2. Silver Rook
    03-02-2010 - permalink
    Silver Rook
    Oh my god, scheduled Random Forums!
  3. Silver Rook
    03-20-2009 - permalink
    Silver Rook

    "I wish I was as cool as Bob"

    I'll see if I can signup for a credit card first before trying for paypal...
    Even then, if I go on a spending spree...

    Self-control is very important when you have previliages...
  4. Silver Rook
    02-10-2009 - permalink
    Silver Rook

    Last Activity: 1 Minute Ago
    Current Activity: Viewing Blog NoeJeko

    Nice ass.
  5. Silver Rook
    09-13-2008 - permalink
    Silver Rook
    Session Start: Mon Apr 07 03:05:24 2008
    Session Ident: #trickster
    09[03:05] * Now talking in #trickster
    09[03:05] * Topic is '| 3#Trickster is back, NoeJeko is front Kuda is middle,and Kaede @ back | Video of the Year: YouTube - NoeJeko Caramelldansen  | 8,1Partner Channels: #MyRagnarok, #Illuminati, #TricksterWiki  | 4TODAY'S TOPIC: Caramelldansen (******* Style =D) - MyTrickster | 06Rules changed. Only rule: Don't be a tool and don't spam. That'
    09[03:05] * Set by FuyouKaede!~Ichigo@Hashimoto.Miyuki on Sat Apr 05 11:50:09
    09[03:05] * SweetRaine sets mode: +v Nyarurato
    04[03:05] -QuackQuiz- 3Heya 7Amoeba Nyarurato3, type !trivia to start me up! You are currently 07472nd3.
    09[03:05] * Nyarurato is now known as Nyaruato
    [03:06] <@Aelya-chan> ??????????????????????????????????
    00[03:07] <+Nyaruato> ?????????????????????????????????
    00[03:07] <+Nyaruato> Noe is roflmao
    00[03:08] <+Nyaruato>
    [03:08] <@Aelya-chan> Noe is jello
    [03:08] <~NoeJeko> your mom is jello
    00[03:08] <+Nyaruato> Noe is Jello = Noe is Edible
    00[03:09] <+Nyaruato> Noe still practicing for Hare Hare Yukai?
    [03:10] <%Lolita_powers> :
    00[03:10] <+Nyaruato> "
    00[03:11] <+Nyaruato> Jello is food
    [03:11] <%Lolita_powers> jello squishy

    Jello Noe
  6. Silver Rook
    09-12-2008 - permalink
    Silver Rook
    D8 wth..
    I was expecting some epic design here ;-;
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