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NoeJeko has a reputation beyond reputeNoeJeko has a reputation beyond reputeNoeJeko has a reputation beyond reputeNoeJeko has a reputation beyond reputeNoeJeko has a reputation beyond reputeNoeJeko has a reputation beyond reputeNoeJeko has a reputation beyond reputeNoeJeko has a reputation beyond reputeNoeJeko has a reputation beyond reputeNoeJeko has a reputation beyond reputeNoeJeko has a reputation beyond repute


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  1. Snow
    09-14-2008 - permalink
    Hmm, I'm busy w/ school o(>_<)o and playing w/ my [rl] bf in TO ^.^~
    But look Jekuuuu~
    They're so cute ^-^
  2. MsSquid
    09-14-2008 - permalink
    NoeJeko hid the facts!
  3. Silver Rook
    09-13-2008 - permalink
    Silver Rook
    Session Start: Mon Apr 07 03:05:24 2008
    Session Ident: #trickster
    09[03:05] * Now talking in #trickster
    09[03:05] * Topic is '| 3#Trickster is back, NoeJeko is front Kuda is middle,and Kaede @ back | Video of the Year: YouTube - NoeJeko Caramelldansen  | 8,1Partner Channels: #MyRagnarok, #Illuminati, #TricksterWiki  | 4TODAY'S TOPIC: Caramelldansen (******* Style =D) - MyTrickster | 06Rules changed. Only rule: Don't be a tool and don't spam. That'
    09[03:05] * Set by FuyouKaede!~Ichigo@Hashimoto.Miyuki on Sat Apr 05 11:50:09
    09[03:05] * SweetRaine sets mode: +v Nyarurato
    04[03:05] -QuackQuiz- 3Heya 7Amoeba Nyarurato3, type !trivia to start me up! You are currently 07472nd3.
    09[03:05] * Nyarurato is now known as Nyaruato
    [03:06] <@Aelya-chan> ??????????????????????????????????
    00[03:07] <+Nyaruato> ?????????????????????????????????
    00[03:07] <+Nyaruato> Noe is roflmao
    00[03:08] <+Nyaruato>
    [03:08] <@Aelya-chan> Noe is jello
    [03:08] <~NoeJeko> your mom is jello
    00[03:08] <+Nyaruato> Noe is Jello = Noe is Edible
    00[03:09] <+Nyaruato> Noe still practicing for Hare Hare Yukai?
    [03:10] <%Lolita_powers> :
    00[03:10] <+Nyaruato> "
    00[03:11] <+Nyaruato> Jello is food
    [03:11] <%Lolita_powers> jello squishy

    Jello Noe
  4. AnnabelleMarie
    09-13-2008 - permalink
    ;o /hands over dangos named Dumplings, Noodless and Pho
    we eat them all the time
  5. AnnabelleMarie
    09-13-2008 - permalink
    D8 i was at bday party eating cake and glen glen msg me saying you ate some dangos :<
    i still have 50+ left 8D
  6. Catharsis
    09-13-2008 - permalink
    I don't do other people's wives. :U
  7. SlowBro
    09-12-2008 - permalink
    Wow even I put a little effort into my profile D:

    Get cath to do eet =D
  8. Catharsis
    09-12-2008 - permalink
    Meanwhile on the other side of the fence...

    [22:50] * NoeJeko is now known as Miyoo
    [22:51] <Symph> lol?
    [22:52] <Xoo> ....
    [22:52] <Xoo> what
    [22:52] * Cpl_Ethane ( has joined #mymmogames
    [22:52] <Symph> buthin~
    [22:57] * Miyoo is now known as CathYuri
    [22:58] <RONery> School.
    [22:58] * RONery school
    [22:59] <Symph> k o/
    [23:00] * CathYuri is now known as NoeJeko
    [23:03] <Symph> bored Noe is bored
    [23:03] * NoeJeko is now known as CathYuri
    [23:03] <Symph> guess not
    [23:04] * CathYuri is now known as NoeJeko
    [23:05] * NoeJeko is now known as CathYuri
    [23:06] * CathYuri is now known as NoeJeko
    [23:17] <Symph> why do I get the feeling it's Bob?

    Hi Bob.
  9. Silver Rook
    09-12-2008 - permalink
    Silver Rook
    D8 wth..
    I was expecting some epic design here ;-;
  10. NoeJeko
    09-12-2008 - permalink

    If you all want it customized so badly make one for me =]

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Posted 08-24-2011 at 10:02 PM by NoeJeko Comments 0
Posted in Personal
It wouldn’t feel right without my own tribute to Steve Jobs. I learned my passion for programming on the Apple IIe computer in 1989. I realize that Steve wasn’t with Apple at this time; however, the Apple II series was his work. I was 9 years old in the fourth grade and we had a program at Apollo Elementary that allowed us to learn a bit of programming. I can only recall one project from that year. We were working with graphics and I created one of the most complicated designs in the class – a...

Posted 05-13-2010 at 02:08 PM by NoeJeko Comments 3
Posted in Uncategorized
I think I just saw one of the dumbest Facebook groups ever -- something about elementary schools lying about cursive writing in high school. Apparently over 100,000 people on Facebook are outraged that their elementary schools "tricked" them into learning cursive.

Since when did learning something for the sake of learning it become so unbearable? If I stop and think about some of the things I've learned I'm sure I could come up with quite a few "useless" subjects....

Posted 05-11-2010 at 11:27 PM by NoeJeko Comments 4
Posted in Uncategorized
Wow, I say that I'm going to update this more and 6 months go by...

Many of our loyal /gg FTW! community members know that I'm actively engaged in school while continuing to work full time. We're not just talking a class here & there, I'm pulling a 24 credit/semester class schedule in addition to a 50-60 hour a week job.

I promised you guys that no matter how busy I got, I wouldn't abandon this site and I think I've done pretty good so far on this promise. Just...

Posted 08-18-2009 at 09:45 PM by NoeJeko Comments 19
Posted in Personal
Ok, I've seen some bad driving in my life but the entire world pales in comparison to California. It's utterly stupid and I don't think half of these people should be on the road. They're also insanely "horn happy" and this bugs the hell out of me. I've recently, however, adopted a strategy to combat this.

I call it punitive honking. If someone blows their horn at me for no good damn reason, I simply ease in behind them and then lay on mine. After all, since I didn't...

Posted 08-13-2009 at 03:27 PM by NoeJeko Comments 3
Posted in Gavist and MMOG
I know I've fallen out of the blogosphere for a while and I need to get back into it. That said, here's the latest.

What's NoeJeko Been Doing?

Well, in addition to my full time job as a web architect and full time /gg FTW manager, I started back to school full time at the end of June. I'm 51 hours from completing a Bachelor of Science in Management degree and I believe this will give me some much needed skills to take my career and the /gg FTW! community to the next...
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All those bad drivers...
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What would solve a ton...
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For the people raging...
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