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  1. Chris
    11-20-2008 - permalink
    ' =o
  2. Aria
    11-20-2008 - permalink
    Umm o-o Its called 'Skinny' I think D; and you can get it off under bitmap/pixel fonts :3

    Did you miss Azhi or some of the Corvid stuff? D: Its good if thats the case.
  3. LittleAerith
    11-17-2008 - permalink
    Still a big dum dum.
  4. LittleAerith
    11-15-2008 - permalink
    o.o Dum dum sheepie
  5. Aria
    11-12-2008 - permalink
    Hmm .-. if you missed out on Azhi, I think some sheep boxes might help you ;-; You only need a few items for a hax set anyway, because (if they're 190 or 220) then you'll be able to temper everything D: In the end, I dont think it matters all too much what you do, as long as you can balance your stats. Aim for 700/700 in MA/LK and you'll do fine in PvP no matter what. That 3s mask will get you far :3 We're both quite lucky, but your mask has 1 more LK than mine D8 lol x3

    and your equips dont suck :/ You could probably get better stats on them if you temper them more or recomp some slots, but thats not really the cheapest option. ;-;
  6. Aria
    11-10-2008 - permalink
    Thought about water/electro then? .-. Water would still be good for Tap1 and such, but you can use electro nicely at ID3.
  7. LittleAerith
    11-10-2008 - permalink
    o.o Course' I'd remember another fat Sheepie o.o, after you said Sel.. that was more than enough you know?
  8. Aria
    11-10-2008 - permalink
    Oh, I know what you mean ._. Are you concerned about the conversion rate? The same happens to me e_e I pay 29 for $50 of Myshop, when in the past, it used to be 25 ._. well, I think I've found a way to bypass that though - prepaids ftw o.o I dont use my credit card anymore, just prepaids, and it doesnt seem to charge me as much in my currency, so maybe you can try that too? :3

    I really think a sheep's choice of elements is down to how much she wants to PvP ._. Wind/water isnt completely useless, its just not as debilitating as those electro skills x_x If you really want to grind and level in the long run, then wind/water would work well for you. :3
  9. Aria
    11-09-2008 - permalink
    Btw, I <3 your profile D:
  10. Aria
    11-09-2008 - permalink
    I'll just ask you some questions and hopefully you can figure out which way is best for you xD

    Is this gonna be a PvP sheep? If yes, dont go wind/water, no matter how much your chars lack variety, unless you're planning to reset your elements later on. I think the reasoning is obvious, and you'd probably agree with me there D: If this new sheep wont PvP much or at all, then I think wind/water could be a really good choice, especially since you're pure LK (wind is more accurate than most other elements, even if Myhax does make up for your naturally weak MA) and wind is just the best element for endgame mobs, period.

    But wait, if you're pure LK, I assume you want to PvP ._. wind/water really isnt a great idea then, unless you can hax yourself to just rely on AR and your water skills. Shard will still be useful to you, but you'll be lacking the very useful stun and DoT skills that come with lightning ._. Its your choice. I think its workable, if you have enough LK and the blessings to back you up. I would always go lightning/fire or water for a PvP sheep, but thats just me. xD If you want the best of both worlds, I guess a wind/water soul master should work. You'd need to be very hax though for it to work, so bear that in mind.

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