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  1. JoyDivision
    08-06-2010 - permalink
    Why so pink?
  2. Rhois
    07-22-2010 - permalink
    I didn't find Spitfires that strong, it was mainly the Fighters that made me look sideways.

    Ah, do you? I haven't played in some months. Not that I was every any good. I know the theory, I just can't really put it into reality. :/ Do you play anything else? Like Soku or IaMP?

    'Seem' is the keyword there lol. I'm not actually, it's just, because I don't really know the person it was either I poked them repeatedly till they dug it up with the chance of them ditching me or, I just waited and poked after every week or so. 8D

    Ha, I found your msn.
  3. Rhois
    07-22-2010 - permalink
    That's so disappointing, you think you'd get some sort of bonus for being awesome.

    Yes, it's really annoying. Someone said they had a list of KSSNs they could give me so I could get past the parental registeration part for a nexon account. Still waiting, but patience is key. Maybe someday soon.

    Did you use to play MBAC? I saw some uploads from matches in your channel, I assume you don't play anymore? x;
  4. Rhois
    07-22-2010 - permalink
    Do different classes take more damage before dropping? I remember watching a Witch video where they repeated the same combo on most of classes and from what I remember Fighters could be juggled for sometime longer.

    Pillar + Void, in theory, opens alot of combos for Elementalists. If you had Florae Circle when you did that opener you can just dash into them for another three hits, not to mention you could use another skill.

    I should really stop watching videos for DFO. It's just making me want something I can't have. Very unhealthly. Mind you Rangers look exciting! Death Hawk is very flashy, though I'm not sure about the rest of their skills. I do know that Neil the Sniper is epic, do you get bonus points for head shots? 8D
  5. Rhois
    07-22-2010 - permalink
    Elementalists are pure eye candy, though I wish Light was a somewhat more useful element. Apart from Sunburst which I can see as acting as a reversal. Lightning Strike's cast time is impressively long, but perhaps if you did Fire Pillar > The Void > Lightning Strike it could work? I don't know much about the combo system in DFO, something about if you deal too much damage they drop automatically iirc?

    Garr. I should maybe try proxxying into DFO. ;_;
  6. Rhois
    07-22-2010 - permalink
    I must admit I'm guilty of complaining about localization. I really wish they would already, it happened when I went to play FE:Z, downloaded the thing, couldn't connect, searched the forums and raged. lol

    Love Witches because of Black Manteau, easily one of my favourite skills. And also because most of their skills are comical while being awesome. Elementalists look quite enjoyable too. Wanting to play a female gunner as well, which is basically any class aside from Mechanic. Launchers looks pretty centre'd on the X axis and they feel quite sluggish.
  7. Rhois
    07-22-2010 - permalink
    Ahh, he does far better than me. I make blogs, stay with them for three or so days and then forget they exist. I can understand the latency issues, but the fact that there are no other versions for EU/Oceania players other than Tai/JP/KR is depressing.

    I will make a KR account eventually, I want to play a Witch already. ;_;
  8. Rhois
    07-22-2010 - permalink
    Ha, I can't imagine random people wanting to be recorded. Congratulations on hitting the level cap btw. <: I just went and skimmed/half-read through your blog out of (mostly) boredem, and waiting for the videos to load. I must admit I'm quite jealous of your being able to play DFO. Silly ISP block is hateful. ;_;
  9. Rhois
    07-22-2010 - permalink
    Well, I'm dropping by to say I thoroughly enjoyed watching your Pvp DFO videos.
  10. mamoru
    07-15-2010 - permalink
    it's still awfully pink here. hurr

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