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  1. buta
    08-09-2010 - permalink
    probably just sucking at resetting the servers. maybe. tell me if anything good comes since i don't pay very good attention. ._.
  2. buta
    08-09-2010 - permalink
    hoping really hard. it IS nexon after all. they love their cs.
  3. buta
    08-09-2010 - permalink
    o, that's true. or they could be pricks and just remove content without putting stuff in. :P
    or just add more cash items.
  4. buta
    08-09-2010 - permalink
    too far. that's like half of my break gone right there. >_>
    meh, i gotta level up in league of legends along the way anyways so maybe it won't be so long a wait.

    question is though, is this an "official" rumor or just something some random guy said?
  5. buta
    08-09-2010 - permalink
    inorite. i'll stop complaining once i get my own. and then maybe i'll be like the people on nicovideo and record myself cleaning house in stages. >_>
    doubt it'll ever happen though since i lack motivation to level in dfo.
  6. buta
    08-09-2010 - permalink
    i'm guessing they don't have an auction house like lunia. :|
    iono, i guess since i haven't experienced it, i don't find it that bad. most of the time i just rage at people with luck that get +2000 on their equips.
  7. buta
    08-09-2010 - permalink
    meh, i can't say i don't see the logic behind it though. with maple story, it was like.. there was really nothing that made you have to get the cs items. for looks, sure, but no benefit at all. maybe it's just cause i'm asian and not a girl that i find spending money on stuff like that pointless.

    i guess the stats and all is meant to increase the likelihood that people want to buy cs items and they just went overboard. people with money will still pay and play though so i guess they're never gonna kick the bucket.
  8. buta
    08-09-2010 - permalink
    oh. did they not do that for trickster? cause i never felt any need to buy the cash shop there. and it's like... they had events that gave away shitloads of cs anyways, after quitting for half a year, i went back and found i had dozens of stuff to use. most of which is still on my account. >_>

    grandchase bored me before level 30 so I guess i never saw that side of stuff. not to mention i usually don't get into pvp until i know whatever the hell i'm doing. which i don't think i ever did in grand chase.

    isn't pangya... golf...? why would you need a pair of wings..? o_O
  9. buta
    08-09-2010 - permalink
    i still don't get why everyone hates ntreev. but then, i never stuck with any of their games for too long. i only made it to the first job change in trickster and then i got bored.
    yeah. i also feel like i have to play to get my money's worth. and i'd probably play too much and die from exhaustion.

    .. maybe that's what's up with all those WoW players.
  10. buta
    08-09-2010 - permalink
    i get bored of stuff pretty quickly. especially when the companies like to only bust out cash shop items. i mean, i pay for them, but after a while it's like... i might as well have played a P2P game cause the money it takes to play is about the same if not less.

    but then i guess that's my fault for being too cheap to pay for P2P games. :/

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