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Conversation Between Mums and MintyVampire
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  1. MintyVampire
    10-25-2010 - permalink
    OHHH RIGHT. Those are call..Blow holes o-o?!!

    Haha okay~ I haven't made sushi in ages though lool.

    YES YES!!
  2. Mums
    10-24-2010 - permalink
    You know, like whales! Dolphins!

    I'll research it today after school 8D. I hope I'll find something!

    Then we're both awesome! Wanna be awesome together!
  3. MintyVampire
    10-24-2010 - permalink

    Yes yes you should...!!

    YES I AM <33
  4. Mums
    10-24-2010 - permalink
    It would be so much easier if we had blow holes, wouldn't it? 8D

    I've honestly never really LOOKED for one here. Maybe I should tho!

    Why thank you! 8D
    I'm guessing that you're a fan of spicy food too?!
  5. MintyVampire
    10-24-2010 - permalink
    I can never do that.../Fail

    WEIRD...I think you'll just have to keep looking! Never give up on Wasabi!

    And OMG you are awesome 8D!
  6. Mums
    10-24-2010 - permalink
    Try to keep your mouth shut and hope for the best!!

    I haven't seen any Japanese grocery store here or in town. I've seen a few Arabic ones and a few Polish ones, but no Japanese.

    Of course! Wasabi is NEEDED for sushi!

    And I like spicy food overall. 8D
  7. MintyVampire
    10-24-2010 - permalink
    Wow nice!!!

    Lool. I don't see how its possible to NOT taste the sea water when you are swimming though D=....Or maybe I just fail.

    Japanese grocery store or something!
    =O You like wasabi too?! Some people doesn't like it because its 'hot' lol
  8. Mums
    10-24-2010 - permalink
    I still have them! 8D

    I didn't taste the sea water in Thailand! Not here either... this year.

    I don't know how to make sushi! D8
    Or where to get the seaweed or wasabi for that matter.
  9. MintyVampire
    10-24-2010 - permalink
    LOOOL. Q__Q

    But hey...You were little, they won't blame you =P
    ...Do you still have them =O?

    Well...I don't go taste them on purpose kay D=?

    Loool. You should make some too!
  10. Mums
    10-24-2010 - permalink
    Lmao I didn't think about your shortness

    Oh yes I did! Lol I even took some stuff home D8
    Even tho now in 2nd thoughts, I doubt that was allowed.

    You make it sound like it! Tasting salt water 8D

    Omg you make your own sushi? Ima take the next flight to Sunny and get some homemade sushi!
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