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You Wetawd

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  1. Mums
    12-05-2010 - permalink
    That sounds hawt. Take me with you! I can hide in the luggage >:
    Yea inorite. Starts late and ends early. Tho we had a long summer vacation.

    You know.. or maybe not.. But Motor control is about building motor systems... that controls a And Tele installations is about installing tele in houses, alarms, monitoring systems etc.
  2. Mums
    12-05-2010 - permalink
    Aw, that's not good >:
    I hope it'll be better soon.

    I mean maybe it's for the best not to experience it!

    I'm not sure, I think I'll use my phone as a MP3 player when it dies.

    But Asians are short in general, so it's incomparable!

    Pro tip: Win a shitload of money and build your dream house. It's easy. /shot
  3. Mums
    12-05-2010 - permalink
    I'm going to go downstairs to eat breakfast now, so I'll say good night to you in case you're not here when I'm back.

    Good night and sweet dreams!
  4. Mums
    12-05-2010 - permalink
    I had two national tests for Swedish (Speech and essay), I had one for religion, one for general science, two or three for tele installations, one for motor control, one for English.. I think that's about it. I have two more tests this week.

    Isn't portfolio work more fun than studying tho?
  5. Mums
    12-05-2010 - permalink
    So none of us are average? Hmm... Alright then.

    You couldn't possibly sit on ours without them breaking. And those marble things on top of them are too expensive to even try it D:

    Oh a cruise? Where?! I've never been on a cruise >:
    I think we start like... January 10th.
  6. Mums
    12-05-2010 - permalink
    Is he gr? D:

    I'm not sure, I don't think I've experienced that. Maybe that's for the best?

    My iPod died for like the 20th time yesterday

    And it came back like 5 minutes later. I don't get how it can keep coming back over and over again lol. I'm just waiting for its final ''death''
  7. Mums
    12-05-2010 - permalink
    I wish my school was over too >:
    We start our holidays at December 22, too late IMO.
    And OMG I have so friggen many tests atm. I've had like 10 tests over 3 weeks, while we normally have none. Our teachers really sucks at planning.. Except for this new guy. I wish we had him from the beginning. Our first year was pretty much a waste of time, we didn't learn anything.
  8. Mums
    12-05-2010 - permalink
    You have a good papa /o/

    Is it really that hot in NZ? Or is it... I don't even know how to say it. Bleh
    Is the sun intense? lol

    Really? I haven't seen those. Where do you connect them? To the cigarette lighter outlet?

    Are you short or am I tall?

    You could have a small mattress thingy in it, making it more comfortable \o/
  9. Mums
    12-05-2010 - permalink
    Oooooor yours is like super short! Ohoho! Which one is it!?

    I think much of that depends on the windows too. Btw of windows, this apartment had huge window ledge's. They were sticking out like 50 cm, I bet you could use them as a bench.

    It's almost time for you to sleep now >:
    /states the obvious.
  10. Mums
    12-05-2010 - permalink
    Lol what do you do when she finds one? Sit there and watch her losing battle? 8D

    That is so true. You want what you don't have. People living in hot climates wants cold and people living in the cold wants warmth.

    Loooool as if they're gonna listen to my metal. Besides, I don't have much CD's and out car isn't one of those which can play iPods.

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