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MiakaNairan is an unknown quantity at this point


/gg FTW! Stalker

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  1. Kirasf
    12-29-2009 - permalink
    loool flooding my wall iwht messages, also i hate desert battleships they have no skill whatsoever, just beam spamming till you die (how FUN)

    In any case, happy birthday on the 2 month period of sdgo or wait happy birthday should be after a year o.o so GRATZ!!!!
  2. anthony001
    12-28-2009 - permalink
    thanks for the lesson on mca, ill be sure to beat your shinigami the next time we meet.
  3. Role
    12-25-2009 - permalink
    His name is ema. LMAO
  4. Role
    12-25-2009 - permalink
    You guys talking about me and my dozle T_T.
  5. anthony001
    12-25-2009 - permalink
    i hope you get better at meleeing with your deathscythe hell custom. Thanks for the match i had fun playing with you the last few days and also "BE MORE AGGRESIVE WHEN MELEEING" that's all
  6. Kirasf
    12-25-2009 - permalink
    Hou Hou Hou

    Meruri kurisumasu to you too Mia-san. lol at Hiragana translation of the katakana =)

    And Yes me and my friends do in a special way tho :P

    How was your xmax dinner i bet its fun eh? *pissed cause he is still in university when he should be OUT there having fun*
  7. zgmfx19a
    12-24-2009 - permalink
    Merry Christmas too Miaka. ;o
  8. Kirasf
    12-23-2009 - permalink
    Yes, im pretty sure that sandrock's soul will definetely live on inside inside the shinigami xD dont be sad about your melee, no one was born perfect or good at melee, considering you havent been playing for long your pretty decent as a player in general and also you're a fast learner which should help you become really and good, also in my opinion you have much more potential than the other clan members to become good in a short time so keep at the melee and paper skill also. =)

    Its true that sandrock's def helps but i dont think you should do the same for shinigami since it focueson stealth attack and go back in hiding so imo go for atk full and you can easily one combo kill any suit but you can decide on what to oc after you have become more comfortable with dshc.

    Yes message was too long o.o; lol
  9. Kirasf
    12-22-2009 - permalink
    el oh el haha barbeque sandrock technique has left to the other world *cries* and yet funny at the same time. *mixed feelings* although you could have gachad another sandrock but would have costed you a lot of money maybe anywho you can get it back in the future once your more experienced and you can own with it.

    Yes i can imagine how emotional you are, once i had first gotten freedom i was so happy and excited about it but then again its not job done yet you still have LOOOOTS of S ranks to make =)

    BD2 will be easy to make but dont worr about it for now and just enjoy dshc and like i said once you get the second skill which is invisible whole time, then you have to chang eyour playing style into sneaking around unnoticed and slashing from the back and then go back into hiding, basically you will be an assasin rather than a melee rock suit. (which is quite fun)

    Sure on saturday then you can ask till you knock yourself out.

    Have fun.
  10. Kirasf
    12-22-2009 - permalink
    HY HY =)

    Yes dusks was so pissed and it was so lol.*mean person*

    LOL at sniper melee, dont worry tho you'll get there somehow adn yes bbq and co are the best elite skillz EVA oh and just to remind you its called TSHOWB. Question eh? prob your gonna have to wait till saturday which is the day i finish exams but you can just pm me them if you want or randomly see me ingame (not gona be online much tho)

    Easy to make S rank is that it takes less money/effort to make like freedom since you already have strie from mission and just make aile and calamity and thats it. Whereas DSHC needs gacha from wing capsule which is 7500 per cap and you dont know what might come up for you so its a 50/50 chance really. meh

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