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Conversation Between methyl and Nebula
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  1. Nebula
    02-28-2013 - permalink
    Hihi Meth
    We are playing something called TalonRO.
    There is a spot in the guild if you ever want to claim it.
    Just drop Kyeth a mail.
  2. methyl
    02-27-2013 - permalink
    sorry for replying thiiiiis late (I don't go on ggftw much, as you can see...) but hi L
    You can get my skype off winny if you want to add me XD I don't want to lose contact with you

    as always, eat lots of rice :>
  3. Nebula
    09-04-2012 - permalink
    Hi hi Mel.
    How are you?
  4. Nebula
    08-04-2012 - permalink
    New club here, help me come up with a better chemistry joke for the description?
  5. methyl
    07-04-2012 - permalink
    8D Hi L

  6. methyl
    06-07-2012 - permalink
    ;__; yeeeep, stuff like 2-methyl prop-1-pene is forever stuck in my head after my chem exam.
    and having an IGN that looks like methylene doesn't make it any better .___.

    but oh well, I like chem 8D
  7. Nebula
    06-07-2012 - permalink
    Aaaaahhh organic chem name halp!
  8. methyl
    06-04-2012 - permalink
    Thanks for drawing my sheep o3o
    The pose was very well done (y)
  9. Nebula
    06-04-2012 - permalink
    Just saying, you new art request is ready, please go have a look!
    Hope you like it
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