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MaskedMagician is just really niceMaskedMagician is just really niceMaskedMagician is just really niceMaskedMagician is just really niceMaskedMagician is just really nice


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  1. Kasumi
    11-11-2009 - permalink
    To christmas? D: With your parents help, it should be easy? And you can still login TO to chat a bit and to see what's new D:
    No, I told you I didn't like school anymore. I still remember that we were even chatting on MSN while I had my job training art the beginning of this year. Guess you forgot. :x
    Then use it. Dx I didn't see you since MONTHS, I wanna chat. ;o; And yay, still KFC. <3 Now there's no more hindrance between us and our wedding! Unless you got a gf now, then I gotta stab her first D:
  2. Kasumi
    11-10-2009 - permalink
    Boo, but I wasn't there yesterday, at last not at the time you logged in. Q_Q Get a new laptop? Dx Cause that kinda... sucks. If TO already lags thats much, I doubt you can play any other game?
    But Masky, I'm more or less out of school since some years... D: I just had this schooling last year + this year, now I'm in my apprenticeship though. Which includes some kind of school too, but it's different. Dx What about you? Still working at KFC? *drools* And use MSN? D<
  3. Kasumi
    11-10-2009 - permalink
    When you're done, will you be on more then? :3 And maybe play a bit TO again? <3

    I'm... still alive as you cna see? D: lol
  4. Kasumi
    11-09-2009 - permalink
    OMG YOU'RE ALIVEEEEE T____T *jumps on you and cuddles* I missed you soooo much ;o;
  5. Harli
    07-25-2009 - permalink
    Maskie? Where are you? D: you never reply anymore
  6. Harli
    07-14-2009 - permalink
    Pokes Maskieeeeeee
  7. Kasumi
    06-25-2009 - permalink
    Screw work once. >.> Say you're sick or whatever. Q_Q
    Login MSN or TO or whatever. Anything where I can talk to you better than here is fine x.x
  8. Kasumi
    06-24-2009 - permalink
    Don't be so busy T_T How about you login once at weekend for like 1 hour x_x *puppy eyes* Q_Q
  9. Kasumi
    06-23-2009 - permalink
    Masky, answer... Q_Q I miss you
  10. Renard
    06-22-2009 - permalink
    Masky I lub you! <3

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