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Conversation Between Mahiyain and YenSai
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  1. Mahiyain
    05-01-2012 - permalink
    hey log on Skype please !
  2. Mahiyain
    04-16-2012 - permalink
    Haha lmao robby shut up >:P
  3. Mahiyain
    04-13-2012 - permalink
    One Day or maybe Skype one day i can show u haha
  4. Mahiyain
    04-13-2012 - permalink
    Lol teach you!!! i can't id have to physically teach u its not something i can teach through talking xD but it is very great game!
  5. Mahiyain
    04-12-2012 - permalink
    lmao ima gambler at heart C:
  6. Mahiyain
    04-11-2012 - permalink
    Heyyy <3 !!!! Im Doing great hehe just playing some poker
  7. Mahiyain
    04-10-2012 - permalink
    My birdy has been gone for quite a while can you help me find her i miss her <3 (:
  8. Mahiyain
    10-29-2011 - permalink
    awww hopefully i can actually hang out with ya guys okay ill ttyl in a couple of days tell everyone i said hi hope they doing ok
  9. Mahiyain
    10-29-2011 - permalink
    Im doing good its pretty cold here lol 20degrees to 30 and snowing and its a whole day ahead lol...its 10:19am right now sunday haha im doing alright ^_^ soon ill have wifi of my own instead of using it for 30min from some place lol
  10. Mahiyain
    10-28-2011 - permalink
    Hi gabby (: Its 12:31pm here hehe im popping up to say hi :dddd and so u can tell everyone i said hi!!!! How u doing?!!!
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