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Conversation Between Lime and ArturiaPendragon
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  1. Lime
    07-28-2011 - permalink
    I dunnoes D: but its okay lol, i don't feel like trying again anyway.
  2. ArturiaPendragon
    Really? DDDD: Why? What's wrong with JP CB? T___T;; I might be able to help.
  3. Lime
    07-27-2011 - permalink
    But i'm saying i can't get jp Cosmic break to work ; _ ;
  4. ArturiaPendragon
    Ohhhh... 8DDDD

    YEAH TRY TO COME ON AND PLAY SOMETIME. ^O^ I'm not exactly the best player out there =_=;; I die alot.
  5. Lime
    07-25-2011 - permalink
    oops i meant jp Cosmic break lol
  6. ArturiaPendragon
    LOL YEAH;;; Sometimes the games don't really interest me. 8'D So I end up staying at one game. Never played Maple, or Elsword... What's P Cosmic Break? =o
  7. Lime
    07-24-2011 - permalink
    That's another thing ; _ ; friends keep going to play foreign versions... I can't handle doing that at all with my internet. :[ Korean Maple Story, K- Elsword, p Cosmic break. aaaaaaaaaaah!
  8. ArturiaPendragon
    Right now I'm just playing Cosmic Break JP with a few friends of mine. ^_^; I keep dying so much since I am not too good with shooting games. XD;;; (Usually around the 20-30th place >_<;; ) But it's fun when I just play with my friends.
  9. ArturiaPendragon
    LOL Yeah... I haven't been playing much MMOs lately outside from RO, and I usually go there just to talk with friends and help hunt stuff. XD If they keep hopping between other games, then I probably won't follow them for long since there is the chance I made a few friends at that game DDX
  10. Lime
    07-23-2011 - permalink
    I really don't want to build myself up all over again in a new MMO ; _ ; i'll prolly quit them for good after this one.

    It's always the same pattern: game releases, everyone flocks to it, slowly the game becomes more cash reliant, your friends ditch and you're stuck trying to make new ones and the population dips like every other game out there besides Trickster and Maple Story. Everytime.
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