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Conversation Between LilPhenyl and Tiger168
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  1. LilPhenyl
    06-07-2010 - permalink
    Jak And Daxtar (the first one) is simple 3D platform action with some puzzles to solve. It's not really that fun, but for its time it probably was. Jak 2~3 are AMAZING and are much like GTA in some aspects (guns,missions, etc.) though it does turn into a mind f*ck if you actually take time and space seriously... In a game.

    As for Portal, go beat up your friend, steal his computer, and play it. It's not super-special-awesome, but it's very different (if not creepy at times). GLaD0S is also pretty lulzy at the end. Boss-of-the-century (even if she's sort of easy to kill).

    As for the Wii... Um... Prepare to be disappointed!!! I guess you can always play Fire Emblem 9/10. Maybe Mario Galaxy 1 if you already haven't(2 is a waste of time/cash). Nintendo has become a family-type thing now, so all the games are pretty much lame. I guess you can always check out virtual console.
  2. Tiger168
    06-07-2010 - permalink
    lol Oh, I guess I will skip out on Trinity Universe then

    Well, I kinda own all three consoles... >_>; I dont even play them that much anymore. I'm kinda playing Uncharted on and off now. Fun game. I got sucked back into Latale. Well...a pserver... -cough- Blame my friend. 8D

    And nope. Never played Portal. You can get it for free? Through stream or...? But you dont need to because my friend has the game. Thanks anyways! ;D I also never played ANY of those Jax and Daxter game. Is it all action-y or adventure-ish?

    As for those Aterlier Iris games... ;x Yes, I own all of them. lol. First one was great! Then it went downhill. But hey, at least the soundtrack is amazing. Which is what I LOVE in any games by Gust.

    But yeah, I need to fill my JRPG appetite!! D8 I used to play a new JRPG on the PS2 every 2-3 weeks! What happen?!! D8 Come on Wii, dont fail me! Dont fail me Nintendo of America! Localize Xenoblade, Last Story AND ESPECIALLY OMGWTFBBW TALES OF GRACES. ;_____;
  3. LilPhenyl
    06-06-2010 - permalink

    Yes, it's sort of like Cross Edge... So... Don't get your hopes up. Thought it was different in its own way, I still didn't enjoy it. Especially since it was on the PS3 and didn't LOOK like it should be on the PS3. I guess they figure they can port it to PS3 instead of making it all on the PS2 like the intended. :|

    There's always a few other games you could play if you haven't already, such as:
    Portal (I can get it for you for free~)
    Atelier Iris 1~3 (I assume you played these. :x )
    Jak and Daxter/Jak 2~3/Jak and Daxter the final frontier (those games never get old)

    I'm only assuming you have a PS2/3, but you probably played all of those games. If you didn't play Portal though, you're missing out~ 2 hours of super fun puzzles and a silly computer who likes talking about cake.
  4. Tiger168
    06-05-2010 - permalink
    Yeah, NIS only localize but...they been sucking at that part too. <_<; Well, I'll probably still gonna get AT3 but NIS BETTER NOT MESS SHIT UP.

    Beside that, I dunno what else are good. D; Maybe Trinity Universe? But Im afraid it might be like Cross Edge....
  5. LilPhenyl
    06-02-2010 - permalink
    The battle system is... I... Would rather not use it. You fight in a small sandbox of sorts and the singer stays way on the edge. You can control one character to attack while the AI takes care of the rest. You also have to periodically go check up on her just in case an enemy slips through the cracks. Reyvetails are pretty useless in the long run for AT3, just like they were in AT1 and sorta like AT2. AT is suppose to be an easy game, it's mostly just there for the story with some challenge... Sorta like all the other games made by Gust.

    NIS are just the guys who localize the games and do a terrible job because they're laaaaaazy.

    ALSO! Mana Khemia's battle system/some characters/etc was based off of Atelier Iris 3. It's REALLY lazy of them, considering the games are basically a year apart. They didn't have any new ideas? Srrrrssssly?
  6. Tiger168
    06-02-2010 - permalink
    lolwhut. No way. That's like the best battle quote ever. So how is AT3 anyways? I looked at some battle. It doesnt seem ask crazy as their 2D counterparts?

    Personally I like Mana Khemia battle system more. D; But meh, NIS needs to step up to their game.
  7. LilPhenyl
    06-01-2010 - permalink

    Anyway, the English-localizations are far more perverted than the original. I played the Japanese version of all the games (including AT3) and they didn't use innuendos in battle for every move. The Japanese version also has more voice-over'd sections... I kind of get miffed when I play the English versions, but the "new" innuendos are kind of amusing. Though let's be honest, Leglius sounds awesome when he says EAT MY DISK. That's what a real man should say when fighting with giant yo-yos.
  8. Tiger168
    05-31-2010 - permalink
    Hey! This is...a response from you since...many months ago. lol I just recently browse back to this forum. Anyways, YUSH! Ar Tonelico fan! ;D I LOVE the music. Though the perversion is getting more ridiculous. Ar Tonelico 3 is....coming soon! I think NIS just announce the localization.

    But yeah...Hi there. 8D
  9. LilPhenyl
    11-30-2009 - permalink
    Oh my gaaaaawd! You're an... An... A, R, T-o-n, e-l-i-c-o, Ar Tonelico... fan too?! Small world.
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