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Conversation Between LilPhenyl and kmelfina
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  1. kmelfina
    12-07-2010 - permalink
  2. kmelfina
    06-17-2010 - permalink
    I'll be away for 4 days, VA BEACH BABY! WOOT~ Hopefully I won't do anything stupid that I'll regret for the rest of my life.

    So PvP if you wish. Unless you're busy that's fine too. Sorry if I'm asking too much T_T
  3. LilPhenyl
    06-14-2010 - permalink
    That is a good idea, but using a normal glove is much cheaper. You can just get a high dura cruddy NPC glove to hold you over for now, then you can spend however long you want to get your final glove. Since you're going for magic armor, you should just use a decent glove until you get an epic magic one. Epic magic gloves give you extra crit damage, and I believe you get 20%ish extra crit damage when it's +5ish (I don't remember the exact numbers right now and I'm too lazy to look).

    As for crit rate, it's important, but you'll do fine without it. Luck would help with boosting crit, but your Sound Of Heart buff's 30%+ boost may just cover all that you need.
  4. kmelfina
    06-14-2010 - permalink
    Alright, I'll be off to go glove hunting X_X;

    Maybe I'll get those (M) gloves from Armor crafting which grants an extra 3% Phys/Magic Crit rate.
  5. LilPhenyl
    06-14-2010 - permalink
    Then again, you don't have any crit damage gloves, so that's probably why. Bards rely on extremely high damage or crits. Since you don't have a valk guitar or a 50/50 guitar, looks like crits is the way to go. Just use the Sound of Heart to get 30%+ luck buff and put some extra luck on whatever you can manage to do. You got 50% crit damage right now with the ring/earring and natural base, so getting an extra 30%-50% on a glove will only help you in both PVP and PVE. It's also not that expensive either, just grab a high dura glove that has 11 slots. You can get that while grinding.

    You could also get shoes where you can have some eva and speed. You need at least 40 speed to move about easily in PVP. But 17+ evasion will help you out with gunslingers and warlords moreso than speed.

    I'll also be handing you my Rabana Mantle which adds 10% max/min and 19 luck whenever I get the chance to get on. It should serve you better in terms of damage.
  6. LilPhenyl
    06-14-2010 - permalink
    I don't think so. I kept quiet most of the time except for this one guy who started whining and then saying "there's a difference between ranting and whining", which is a lie because they're practically the same thing. Well, except for ranting being much angrier sounding than whining. I also ran into Bringer a lot, who was a friend of yours. So I told him what's up so it didn't sound like you were ignoring him.

    Though I do see what you mean about PVP. It's a bit harder than I remember as a bard.
  7. kmelfina
    06-13-2010 - permalink
    So after seeing the PvP points, you must've kicked some major ass out there X_X;

    Any haters after your stroll?
  8. kmelfina
    06-12-2010 - permalink
    I kinda forget what makes porn illegal these days lol xD
  9. LilPhenyl
    06-12-2010 - permalink
    You know you want to!!!!!!!!!!!! DOIT!!! But not really if you can manage. When I get my account back, I'll send you my super sexy ring that gives lolable HP and 4% evasion and other goodies that are tradeable. Unless you have stuff that's better, then never mind.

    Alsu: Your friend Sarah should hook up with a friend of mine. His workout routine involves porn. He has very muscular arms, big, and a strong chest. But the rest of him is skinny. I wonder what type of exercises he does while watching pron. It must be super effective.
  10. kmelfina
    06-11-2010 - permalink
    I had the immediate urge to PM you w/ the info, but I can manage on my own.

    Hopefully during my stay in CA can give me the super low latency boost for at least a month (when I have time not studying/going out random places during the summer).

    As my friend Sarah says "I'd totally watch porn if there weren't any viruses w/ it" LOL
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