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  1. Mega
    01-24-2014 - permalink
    So it seems Beast Tamer link skill is glitched. Can't give it to anyone at any level so far (90)
  2. Mega
    01-24-2014 - permalink
    Im actually at work right now Im off Friday and Saturday though.

    And if Kanna is a female why do they give me an option to be a boy? D:
  3. Mega
    01-23-2014 - permalink
    The new question for me is... is Kanna a boy... or a girl
  4. Mega
    01-23-2014 - permalink
    Mega I can't kill any of the bosses in Commerci thanks to that hidden HP boost.
  5. Mega
    01-23-2014 - permalink
    Sooo when we get our character cards on the 25th I'm wondering what character I should make to buff my Bishop some more.

    Right now on my Bishop account I have:
    Level 169 Bishop (+15% on mp pots)
    Level 122 Xenon (+15 STR, DEX, LUK & +10% stats)
    Level 132 Phantom (+15% Crit & +3% more mesos)
    Level 48 Beast Tamer (+Boss damage +4%, 4% Critical rate +4% and MaxHP MaxMP +3% & Ignore Monster DEF: 2%)

    Ones I could make:

    Cygnus Knights: Wind Archer (I had to delete him for Beast Tamer) or Blaze Wizard. They give the +30 stats to the other characters on the same account when they get high enough leveled.

    Or I could move my Luminous to this account for +INT.

    Mechanic's give buff duration + (but they level slow as hell...)

    Mercedes gives bonus exp...or Zero for extra exp + ignore defense and take less damage (but you can't make them anymore).

    So confusing with all these character cards and link skills...
  6. Mega
    01-22-2014 - permalink
    Hopefully they'll have some more events for those potential scrolls with the new update then :S
  7. Mega
    01-21-2014 - permalink
    So what's the easiest way to get potentials on clean equipment? And what scrolls should I look for to upgrade my weapon?

    I tried the RED 50% Magic Attack ones....triple failed =_=;
  8. Mega
    01-21-2014 - permalink

    Revolution Set stats:

    Dragon Tail set stats:

    And Dragon Tail set isn't doing all my skills +2 like in the that a glitch? >_>;
  9. Mega
    01-21-2014 - permalink
    Psssst how should I go about enhancing my Dragon Tail set? Or should I just leave it clean for now since I only have about 75mil?
  10. Mega
    01-20-2014 - permalink
    You should totally buy my Bishop the Dragon Tail set *cough*

    ...or tell me how to make ~100mil without the Free Market...


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Posted 06-24-2014 at 12:25 AM by Light Comments 0
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I received news a few days ago, that I've been accepted in the military summer program.
This will entail 6 weeks of basic training, with no obligation to join the forces after completion.

That's a comforting thought, because lately I've been having some reservations about my future within the forces. Including the future after performing the 4 year term.

How things go after the 6 weeks will ultimately determine if I can handle it. But even if I could, I'll still...

Posted 05-14-2014 at 02:45 PM by Light Comments 0
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I write this blog in the very unlikely event that Ethan will view it.

I have 3 goals to completely restart my life and be "reborn" as a new person.

Goal 1 - Education
Goal 2 - Training
Goal 3 - Career

My 3rd goal involves my leaving everyone I know and love behind. Moving to a new province and taking on many life challenges in the military. Nothing will be the same ever again.

Near the end of March, I completed the...

Posted 06-12-2013 at 10:35 AM by Light Comments 2
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My wound has sealed up a few weeks ago and yet I find out that I'm unable to work for the company because they're so slowed down with work that they don't require my services until things pick up, but if they continue slowing down then I will be laid off due to the company's death.

But that's not the only thing that's dying, I found out today that my great grandfather who has cheated death a lot of times with his stubborn ways is finally reaching his limits as his heart is starting...

Posted 01-31-2013 at 11:25 AM by Light Comments 0
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Anyone who was around two years ago may be familiar with my blog entry on my having surgery for a pilonidal cyst.

Since I had quit coming to ggftw a few months after that surgery I didn't specify how long it took to fully heal.

The projected healing time was 2 months.
The actual healing time was 10 months...

I've accomplished a fair bit after I healed up though, I've gotten a new job doing a mix of things such as Engineering, Inventory Management/Procurement...
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Oh my gosh.. :( I'm...
Posted 06-13-2013 at 07:01 PM by Janna Janna is offline
Really sorry to hear...
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