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Conversation Between Leenalia and Aleeex
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  1. Aleeex
    04-21-2009 - permalink
    My school is kicking me because my body cannot keep up with the speed education.
    ... well... to explain that statement... I am one of those whom seldom/never gets sick.
    I have "survived" through several highly contagious diseases, including This one and stuff like that... without any "protective measures" taken... aka. I have a VERY strong immunesystem.
    I have only been to the hospital once, and that was when I was born, and I have only taken medicine once because of a flu that didn't want to go away...

    anyways... The recent four weeks, I have had three ilnesses in a row... so for me, that is outrageous.
    Something is breaking me down from the inside... aka. my body couldn't keep up with the education.

    And the money is no problem... I'll just have to go without allowance for three months... (I get 200 SEK per month... ~24,3 US$) I'll survive.
  2. Aleeex
    04-21-2009 - permalink
    so... Life sucks for the both of us...
    Don't worry... I'll say as this image:
  3. Leenalia
    04-15-2009 - permalink
    Well I can't offer you good news. I too failed college and have to retake some classes for the third time. The good news is that I have 5 months free, but bad news is that I have no money to travel anywhere. I am planning to get another job so I can earn more money. Hopefully, if I am lucky...I can earn enough to travel to Sweden and give you that hug you need.

    Why is your school kicking you out though? As for the money that you owe your mother, I can give it to you if you want....thing is, I need to know how =X
  4. Aleeex
    04-13-2009 - permalink
    Sorry for being tardy... AGAIN!

    My life is currently in a mess; my health is deteriorating and my school is kicking me out... Can it get worse?
    oh, and I am on a game-ban + I owe my mom ~654 SEK (approx 82 US$)...

    I am still all alone here, and with my life in the gutters I am afraid I might loose myself...
    I already am close to that state...

    Please, bring me good news about yourself... I need to hear stuff like that now.

    oh, and if you could... I'd like to see you ASAP.
    Please... hurry here. A week's "semester" here is OK... I just want to see you in the flesh and give you a large hug, because I need one now.
  5. Leenalia
    03-11-2009 - permalink

    I've been thinking about moving out of the country soon. Just don't know how soon. It depends if I can get a job or not. Teachers are being really hard on me lately, so I've gotten really busy as well. My health is detoriating, my mother has gotten scared and now is urging me to go to the doctor.

    To be honest, I can't really think of anything right now much less you because I am under so much stress, it's not even funny. I definitely wish that I have the money to come visit you ;~;
  6. Aleeex
    03-10-2009 - permalink
    Has it really ben two months?
    Time really flies

    Over here everything is as usual...
    I still am not doing THAT good in school... Still am feeling lonely... but I am healthy and haven't had any time to think about you.

    ... Though I wish that you could move here ASAP. I need someone to hug now.

    Anyways... How is your life progressing? Still alone?
  7. Leenalia
    03-07-2009 - permalink
    Um's been roughly 2 months since we last spoke. Is everything okay with you?
  8. Aleeex
    12-22-2008 - permalink
    Once again, I'm sorry for the delay...
    By the looks of it, You'll get my reply as an Christmas gift
    Merry Christmas BTW

    A LATE gift...
    Had a few crazy days before Christmas... Sorry
  9. Aleeex
    12-21-2008 - permalink

    Then... since Megan dumped me again, should we be together?

    (Darnit... had so much to do this weekend I forgot to write a reply... )
  10. Leenalia
    12-19-2008 - permalink
    Oh, it's okay I was getting worried there.

    P.S. Me and Omar are not together anymore. I'm currently single and loving it
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