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Conversation Between Leca and Maiyu
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  1. Maiyu
    02-09-2010 - permalink


  2. Leca
    02-04-2010 - permalink
    Puhi puhi puhi
  3. Maiyu
    12-16-2009 - permalink
    Wow, congrats o.o;
    I never even got to see a level 85 move ahaha.
    I'm guessing they are just awesomeness *o*!!!
    I don't think I'll ever reach that level T.T
  4. Leca
    12-16-2009 - permalink
    nothing much really
    arnell quit for some ghost game but came back later.
    fuse is kinda boring. scrum came back on for like a day
    mostly im planning
    im leading a raid title farm for winter
    which is already full and were going to beast it up. its going to be the best group in history i can feel it. we will have 5 level 85s. Dragons flutes perfect character balance. everything!!! and im their leader ^-^
  5. Maiyu
    12-16-2009 - permalink
    Long time
    That's so sad that they're apart now :/
    Why did moon quit?
    And what's going on in Fusion?
  6. Leca
    12-15-2009 - permalink
    In variant?? could it be?!

    i just wanna say/make u jealous at how awesome the guild is now.
    its no longer based in groups as much as it is people moving around all wanting different things.
    Plus i dont even know half the people night recruited XD. I call them newbies and they respect me cause im Kinda OLD by now? ahhh seniority but not really... oh well i didnt bother correcting them :P so say HI! i havent talked to u in long time. i am waiting to pvp u. hey before i go.... DID YOU HEAR the biggest news ever in fusion (or atleast most important to u and me) Arnell and Cathy broke up!!! NOOOOOOOOOO. apparently it didnt work out cause cathy joined nights fam (teesh teesh night) and arnell quit for like 2 weeks. in the end they break up!!!! and i think arnell has a g/f in rl BUT OMG perfect couple is dead!! oh and so is the marina + Jim couple and the reon + Kimi couple T_T i cant stand it anymore.
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