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Conversation Between Kyosuke and Sahya
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  1. Sahya
    07-21-2009 - permalink
    Nothing planned yet :x

    What about you?
  2. Kyosuke
    07-20-2009 - permalink
    woohooo vacation!? ^^

    r u having fun?

    what r u doing on ur vacation?
  3. Sahya
    07-15-2009 - permalink
    Our schools here got vacation soon too.. that's the time when I want to go back to school xD
    I got 2 weeks free starting at 10th of july now though :x

    Nope, not yet xD

    Ah, I see :x
  4. Kyosuke
    07-14-2009 - permalink
    yesh! Vacation ish the best!
    u gotta come here if u want a vacation =P

    export/import O.O that's awesome!!
    u know alots of foreign people from ur job?

    well.. umm.. i wanna finish my school first.. till i get S 2 and then i will get a job =)
  5. Sahya
    07-14-2009 - permalink
    Vacation.. I want toooo :[

    I'm working in an import/export company.
    What do you want to work as? o.o
  6. Kyosuke
    07-14-2009 - permalink
    im waiting for university test result..

    and im on my vacation now.. hehe..

    btw, may i know what kind of job do u have now?

    looks like ur a pro at ur job =)

    well glad to hear that everything is okay
  7. Sahya
    07-12-2009 - permalink

    Yeah, works going pretty good, life is ok I guess~
    What about you? o:
  8. Kyosuke
    07-12-2009 - permalink
    well.. i was planned to go to school on germany next year.. but unfortunately, my mom doesnt agree.

    im fine too.. just a bit tired..

    hows the work going? having fun with life?
  9. Sahya
    07-11-2009 - permalink
    I'm from germany ;x
    Highly doubt you'd know the school, since it's one in germany xD

    I do know it, but never played it.

    I'm fine ;o And you?
  10. Kyosuke
    07-11-2009 - permalink
    Native language.. oh i see... where r u from??

    may i know what the name of school? ^^

    btw.. do u know tales of abyss? have u played it yet?

    and.. uhm.. how r u today? hope ur always fine ^^

    God Bless You..
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